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Anthaku Minchi Review & Rating

Anthaku Minchi Review: The USP IS Rashmi - Avoidable Fare

Anthaku Minchi borrowed its title from the famous dialogue from Shankar-Vikram film, I, official Telugu dubbed version. But that doesn't mean anything to the generation of the audience we have. And I was a critical flop in both Telugu and Tamil. The USP of the movie is the uninhibited glamour show on display from the television anchor turned actress Rashmi Gautam. In between this film and Guntur Talkies, the sheen of her glamour didn't get lost. But the problem is: she is visible for free of cost on the TVs. 

So, what's there in store for the audience on a festival day with Anthaku Minchi? A horror comedy. One of the 100s dished out ever since Geethanjali scored big with the audience. And lots of skin show. 

The story of Anthaku Minchi revolves around a youngster named Raju played by Jai (routine name) who wants to become a millionaire quickly (again routine). So, when he is presented with a chance of proving that Ghosts and spirits, means, the supernaturals, exist he will be given Rs. 5 Crores (again routine). He searches for such creatures. To his surprise, he finds a paranormal activity going on in his sister's house. 

But his case is dismissed by Priya, played by the sultry Rashmi Gautam). Why shes refuses his claims? Are his claims fake? How can Raju or if Raju fulfills his dreams of earning millions quickly form the rest of the story. A wafer-thin story and routine narration. The movie is just based on the perceived star power of Rashmi's glamor. 

Rashmi doesn't disappoint her fans. She is hot and did well enough to keep at least few of the proceedings bearable. her climax act is wickedly funny. The less we talk about Jai the better. Deal? Comedian Madhu did a fine job of eliciting few laughs from the audience who have not hit the exit by the time he enters. 

The direction is as directionless as possible. He (Johny) seems to have kept his faith in Rashmi's glamour (again) than in his narrative skills. Why in the first place he comes up with such a film is anyone's guess. The screenplay is pathetic. But, at least for the scenes involving Madhu's comedy should be commended as at least that part is dealt with well.

The music and the cinematography are nothing to write about. The less we.... (yes, you guessed it right) talk about the production values the better. The graphics are high school grade. The budget is quite low and what little left after Rashmi's salary is spent on the film. Avoidable fare. 

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