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Annadurai Review

U/A Action, Drama, Family 2 hrs 9 mins Nov 30, 2017





Annadurai Review & Rating


Annadurai grabbed the attention of movie lovers with its trailer and aggressive promotions. The movie is about two identical brothers Annadurai and Thambidurai (both played by Vijay Anthony) who have completely different characterisations and mindsets. The first half is all about the generosity and alcohol addiction of Annadurai. The second half is better with an interesting twist in the interval. The story has ample scope for sentimental scenes and they work in the favor of the film most of the times.

Rating 2.5 from  indiaglitz

Annadurai is the story of two brothers of contrasting characters who live their life as fate play...

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Vijay is known for coming up with intense and serious roles, this time he tried playing dual roles. He gives a decent performance but he looks a bit awkward in few scenes as he couldn't handle the dual role thing perfectly. He has a lot of scope for performance and he delivers in sentimental and action scenes. His romantic track with Diana Champika looks artificial and Mahima is just okay in her limited role.

Rating 4 from  newsfolo

Diania, who plays Anthony’s pair in the movie is able to transcend her role and becomes a  v...

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G Srinivasan's story is a bit old for the present scenario. He has written a story which revolves around good deeds of a person, his alcoholic addiction, lost love etc. which we have seen in many films till now. His screenplay is so slow that a movie with a runtime of just over 2 hours takes ages to finish. The technical team also doesn't help the movie as the music is not that great and editing is just okay. Production values are good.

Rating 1 from  indianexpress

Vijay is terrible in the film as he looks clueless as to how to play a double role. He can’t do b...

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Verdict: 'Annadurai' ends up as boring fare with few good emotional scenes.

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Annadurai Live Updates & Public Talk

'Annadurai' is one of the most anticipated movies of the year, thanks to the impressive trailer and aggressive promotions from the team. This mass action entertainer has hit the screens today with biggest ever release for a Vijay Anthony's film. The audience and critics started expressing their opinions on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Take a look.

As the first half of the morning shows come to an end, Annadurai is getting decent to positive reports. Being desribed as a entertainer with family emotions and drama, Vijay Antony is being praised for his performance by the critics and the audience. Take a look at latest Tweets.

As the day comes to an end, Annadurai movie settled with mixed response from the critics and the audience. The family emotions and Vijay's honest performance are being praised.

That's it for Public Talk, Live Updates of Annadurai.

Annadurai Preview

What is it about?

‘Annadurai’ is a film starring Vijay Antony in dual roles and directed by newcomer G Srinivasan. The film is also produced by Vijay Antony, who is also the music composer and the editor of the film. The film tells the story of two people, an alcoholic and a teacher, both played by Vijay Antony. These two characters get into a conflict which forms the crux of the story.

What to expect?

  • Realistic Action

The trailer of ‘Annadurai’ showcases some realistic and gritty action sequences performed by Vijay Antony. It also features some montages of scenes which are set to get the audiences high on adrenaline.

  • Powerful Screenplay

The makers of the film have touted the screenplay to be the highlight of the movie. The film takes place over a period of seven years and it is perfectly captured in this film.

  • Dual Tones

As well as Vijay Antony sporting a dual role, the film also has two tones. The first half of the film is jovial and peppy, while the second half is dark and gritty and will make the viewers emotional.