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U/A Drama, Romance, Thriller 2 hrs 19 mins Oct 5, 2018
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Andhadhun Story

Cast: Ayushmann Khurrana as Akash, Tabu as Simi, Radhika Apte as Sophie, Anil Dhawan as Pramod Sinha, Manav Vij as Inspector Manohar, and Zakir Hussein as Dr. Swami.

The story of Andhadhun revolves around a blind pianist named Akash. It depicts the adventures, misadventures, and his love of life. Akash always wants to create that one masterpiece which helps establish him as a force to reckon with in music field. A boy in his neighborhood has doubts about his blindness. Akash lives with his cat and every now and then falls the victim of the pranks of the boy. 

One day, he bumps into Sophie while crossing the road. Impressed by his skills as a pianist, she helps him get a job at the diner owned by her father. Slowly but steadily Sophie develops feelings for Akash. In the meantime, yesteryear film star Pramod Sinha invites Akash to his house in order to perform for his wife Simi on their wedding anniversary. 

Simi opens the door when Akash goes there. Initially, Simi doesn't allow him into the house but relents when she finds that her neighbor is looking at them. Akash to his dismay finds that Pramod Sinha was murdered and police inspector Prabhakar is hiding in the bathroom. Parallelly Akash's bluff as a blind man is exposed by the neighboring kid. He recorded movements of Akash in a video camera. This makes Sophie leave him. 

Akash has to continue his charade in order not to be troubled by Simi and Prabhakar. But when Simi gives him a poisoned sweet. How Akash escapes from the clutches of Simi? Why in the first place he is faking blindness and if he gets Sophie back by convincing her form the rest of the story.

Andhadhun received universal high critical acclaim. The performances of the lead actors, especially that of Tabu, are hailed as some of the best in Indian noir. The movie is declared as an all-time classic in the genre. Andhadhun went on to gross more than Rs. 130 crores and was registered at the box office as a blockbuster. 

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