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And The Oskar Goes To Review

U Drama Jun 21, 2019





And The Oskar Goes To Review & Rating

And The Oskar Goes To Review: Impassionate Film About A Passion of Life

The premise

And The Oskar Goes To is the story of everyone and anyone who wants to or aspire to make a film or t tell an idea in the film of a movie. National Award winning filmmaker Salim Ahmed knows damn well what it takes to make a film and then ring it into the world of the viewers. He has faced a lot of struggle to know the intricacies of the issues aspirant filmmakers face. 

The story of the filmmaker

And The Oskar Goes To is about the same struggle to make a film and then take it to the next level. The filmmaker in question here is Issak Ebrahem. The freakishly named protagonist who doesn't compromise in what he is doing. He runs from pillar to post to find a producer for his film. Unfortunately, he had to finance his film himself and produces it on his own. Job done? No. He faces troubles of every possible sort. And then there is struggle to bring it to the notice of people. 

Suddenly, the world has become wider and the odds he faces get heavier. When his film is about to become India's official entry for Oscars or The Academy Awards to be accurate, it's time for him to stay not just stronger but his integrity of making his work speak to a wider section of the audience than... And finally whether he triumphs or not form the rest of the story. 

The performances

Tovino Thomas is the official on-screen representation of the filmmaker himself. Tovino acts for him. Speaks for him. And speaks on behalf of him. He is natural in the role of a struggling filmmaker. As many odds he faces in his journey he in one way or the other gets supporters or helping hands. His family is also supportive despite at one point he thinks of quitting his fight for the sake of his family. Appani Sarath who played Izaak’s friend is good in his role. So is the set of actors who played his family. 

Writing and direction

But it is the writing and direction that makes this film what it is as it is the most personal film the director has ever made. Salim Ahmed has injected his personality into Issak. There are some cinematic touches like when Issak was born, which happens in a hospital nearer to a theatre, the sounds from the cinema hall welcome him into the world. Too filmy. No?

And then there is the understated heroism. And the nonchalant confidence the protagonist exudes. A tea shop owner boasts about the acclaimed filmmakers who used to visit his stall when they were... well not so famous. Our guy sits there silently like he always does, he is a man of few words, to begin with. Then suddenly, he utters the following words: I know you simply blabbered about other directors but you don't have to do that in my case. You can confidently say that director Isaak Ebrahim had tea from your shop. 

And the narration has not many highs and lows to heighten the dramatic tension. Sometimes we get the feeling that the director kept aside the emotions in himself to bring those scenes on the screen. But the screenplay and the way the actors owned the roles keep you glued to the seat. Just about. The lack of emotional punch even in what could have been the most exhilarating moments comes out as a bummer. 

The crew

The music of the film is understated just like the narration. The background score is impassionate. The cinematography is good. But it feels surprisingly dull in some scenes shot in the US. Maybe a representation of the mindset of our protagonist? The editing is okayish. A portion of the movie could have been trimmed. The production design is elegantly earthy. And the production values are fine. 


Despite all the perceived flaws in the execution of the film, it still has something to appeal to the target audience. Couple that with good performances and the interest of the youth in filmmaking these days which is on the rise, And The Oskar Goes To has every chance to become a sleeper hit. You can watch it once. 


  • Behind the scenes work of a filmmaker's first film is an intriguing concept
  • Tovino Thomas' performance


  • Impassionate narration makes watching the film a bit of a dull experience

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

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And The Oskar Goes To Preview

What is And The Oskar Goes To About?

Filmmaker Salim Ahmed's latest film And The Oskar Goes To is said to be a semi-autobiographical film which tells the story of a filmmaker and his journey in the making of his film and then taking it to the next level. It is to be noted that Salim's debut feature film  Adaminte Makan Abu was India's official entry for the Oscars as Best Foreign Language Film for that year. 

As the protagonist in Oskar Tovino Thomas says the movie is a cinematic version of the director’s personal experiences when he made Adaminte Makan Abu selling off and pawning everything he had, and finally reached the Oscars with the film as India’s official entry. Through Tovino, we get to know the travails of Salim Ahmed in his journey towards realizing his dream of filmmaking. 

And The Oskar Goes To Promises

It's a tribute to all the aspiring filmmakers 

And The Oskar Goes To could well be treated as a tribute to all those who are capable but couldn't realize their dream of filmmaking due to various reasons. At one point in the trailer, we see that the protagonist leaves his dream and plan to go to a job for the sake of his family. There are several such people who are in our own vicinity. 

And And The Oskar Goes To gives them the inspiration to get back on track or at least the feeling that there is someone who thinks about people like us. Malayalis who love to know about behind-the-scenes of movie making would definitely connect to And the Oscar Goes To said the actor Tovino Thomas in a pre-release interview. 

Tovino Thomas as Issak Ebrahem

Talented actor Tovino Thomas plays the protagonist of the film Issak Ebrahem who is a filmmaker who desperately wants to make a successful film. Tovino has been in great form these days with a string of good roles and successful films. His act as Jathin Ramdas in Lucifer brought him great praise. From what little we have seen in the trailers and promos, Tovino has done a commendable job as Issak Ebrahem. 

Salim Ahmed And His Team

Salim Ahmed has proven himself to be a filmmaker with a difference. And his is a director of substance. All his previous films can be classified as avant-garde and are made to the standards of World Cinema. He is aided by music director Bijibal and the Academy Award winner Resul Pookutty (Sound design). Another top name, Madhu Ambat handles the cinematography. Anu Sithara, Sreenivasan, Siddique, and Salim Kumar play other crucial roles in this film which is shaping up to be a top class cinema. 

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