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Ammamma Gari Illu Review

U Drama, Family 2 hrs 36 mins May 25, 2018





Ammamma Gari Illu Review & Rating

The bonding

In one of the interesting coincidences this year, a Naga Shourya movie released on the same day as that of a Ravi Teja mass masala film. Interestingly, in the previous release time, the young hero outgunned the senior to score the biggest hit of his career. Now, when they once again meet, will Naga Shourya get an encore? 

The title itself is enough to drive us back into memories with nostalgia. It is said that kids generally are closer to their grandparents, and especially to their maternal grandmothers (Ammamma). The title refers to the house of Ammamma or rather the home of Ammamma. Naga Shourya created himself a decent mark with films about relationships. Let's see if he one-upped Ravi Teja and bag another big hit in his fledgling career with Ammammagarillu review. 

The story

Santosh, delightfully played by Naga Shourya, has a strong bond with his ammamma (maternal grandmother). Once while he was playing hide and seek with his maradalu (sister-in-law/cousin), his ammamma helps him hiding. This and few other incidents play a role in the formation of a strong between Santosh and his Ammamma. 

But things never stay the same way for long. Due to petty issues and division of property, the family splits. Santosh's family leaves the village to Hyderabad and the rest of the families lose touch with each other. But as in any other good family entertainer, these families must end up united together in the end. For that, that have to come together to the old house. 

When Ammamma played by Sumitra asks all her children to come to their village in order to get their pieces of property, they all go to their village. There the unity loving Santosh help each other forget their issues and unite. How and in what way this happened form the crux of the story. He finds trouble from his uncle played by Rao Ramesh and his maradalu played by Shamili.


Naga Shourya delivered a delightful performance. His role is written very well. His scenes with Sumitra form the backbone of the film. If their bonding fails to attract the audience, the film itself fails. As the do good be good youngster, he excelled. His acting in emotional scenes is easily one of the highlights of the movie. 

Sumitra gets a meaty role as the Ammamma in whose home majority of the story happens. She is perfect in the role. She reminds us of our own grandmothers, and she exuded the charm of a grandmother. Rao Ramesh as the one whose acts lead to the split in the family once again proves why he is such a valuable actor, especially in family dramas. In both serious and comic scenes, he stands tall among the rest of the cast. 

Shamily got a playful maradalu role. Her scenes with Rao Ramesh are good. Her chemistry with Naga Shourya is great. Even after such big break, she didn't feel like news. Of course, she is a superb actress, to begin with even from her child artist days. But the love scenes between the hero and heroine are not well connected to the audience. They lack charm required of such scenes. How they fall in love is not dealt in an effective way. 

Sudha as the good daughter and equally good mother is decent in her role. Suman has great screen presence. Shakalaka Shankar elicits few good laughs from the audience. As the sidekick of the hero, he is good. rest of the cast did justice to their roles. The Indian woman who played the American wife of Ravi Prakash is irritating though. 

The direction

The director took up a decent point and executed it in a decent manner. The first half and the family bonds keep you glued to the seats with slightly wet eyes. Certain scenes transport us back to our childhood when we spent our time in Ammammagarillu. But the second half is wayward in the narration. The emotional scenes look forced and test patience. He could have kept things simple. 

The Lock Your Age game is reminiscent of Dubmash scene in Shathamanam Bhavathi. Now that we mention that movie, let's get it out of the way. Ammammagarillu looks like a decent remake of Shathamanam Bhavathi sans tatayya (grandfather)

Music by Kalyan Ramana is decent. The montage song in the second half is excellent. There are only two songs in the movie, and the background score is good. Surprisingly the cinematography is below average. The shaky camera for the most part keeps things jarring. Editing is neat. Production values are good for the scale of the movie. 

Watch it in your leisure time

On a whole, Ammammagarillu is a decent family entertainer with few good scenes, and great performances. On the flipside, the emotional scenes could have been handled well. The movie reminds us of Shathamanam Bhavathi, and feel like a remake of the film. In one word, if you have nothing to do this weekend, Ammammagarillu is a decent way to spend time. If you want something really new... check other options. 

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Ammamma Gari Illu User Reviews

  • Padma

    27 May 18 @ 2:19 AM

    Time waste movie

  • Chandra

    25 May 18 @ 11:22 PM


Ammamma Gari Illu Preview

What is Ammamma Gari Illu about?

Ammammagarillu is an out and out family entertainer coming out from Swajith Movies. Naga Shourya has proved himself to be a bankable star with Chalo. Now, Shamili joins him. Family movies are becoming rare these days. When a proper family entertainer comes out, the movie can get great traction among the audience. Shathamanam Bhavathi is a good example of that. 

Ammamma Gari Illu is about relations. Especially the bonding between a young man with his ammamma (maternal grandmother). Sumitra plays the role of Ammamma, and Naga Shourya is a do good be good grandson who never wants to hurt his beloved Ammamma. Rao Ramesh plays another important role in this movie as the Blacksheep of the extended family. Sundar Surya directs this family entertainer. 

What to expect from Ammamma Gari Illu?

Naga Shourya sensible performance

Naga Shourya in his young career came up with a variety of roles. He always sticks to his strengths and performs within limits. In this movie, Naga Shourya portrays the role of a sensible and sentimental youngster. It seems from the trailer, his character is an extension of Sharwanand's character from Shathamanam Bhavathi. And that's a good thing. If properly executed, roles such as this stick in the minds of the audience forever. 

It seems from the trailer, his chemistry with Shamili works out pretty well. A couple of dialogues between then are entertaining. Also, Naga Shourya's scenes with Sumitra (who portrayed Ammamma) will form the backbone of the movie. If the theme of the movie works out well, the movie goes a long way in bringing in the family audience to the theatre. 

Family relations

The movie shows beautiful family bonds. It shows the desires of old people, i. e. to be with their children and grandchildren. Spending time with your people always lift you. This seems to be the central point of the movie. The film features Rao Ramesh in a role tailormade for him. Senior actress Sumitra who plays Naga Shaurya’s grandmother looks perfect in her role. 

Rasool Ellore cinematography

The majority of the movie happens in a village. A lot depends on the visuals for films such as these. Rasool Ellore is a top class cinematographer who knows his lighting schemes and colours. Generally, movies like these put dozens of actors in the frames and give a colorful experience to the audience. Rasool Ellore is expected to give a pleasant experience with his cinematography. 

Watch this space for Ammammagarillu review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back. 

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