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Ambili Review

U Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 20 mins Aug 9, 2019





Ambili Review & Rating

Ambili Review: This Little Bundle Of Warmth Will Fill Your Face With Smile

The premise

Beware! Too much of sweetness ahead. And lots of love too. Not the LoL we are accustomed to in letters and greetings but real love. Because.... Because..... we're about to enter the world of Ambili. Johnpaul George's sophomore directorial is about a person whom we might have encountered in our lives but couldn' care much. It is a tale of Ambili, more than the story about him. 

Ambili and his world

Ambili is an orphan. And for reasons (leave it. Do we have to have reasons for everything?) he is not like everyone. He is special. And his love for people around hi is even more special. He lives alone in his small village. His only source of C/o in this world is a champion cyclist Bobby. And Bobby's sister Tina. As this is not a story but a tale, nothing much happens in terms of plot but scene after scene the director makes you sit without moving and take note of the proceedings. 

Such was the grip the director has taken the audience into. Soubin Shahir's electrifying screen presence as Ambili (means: Moon) makes you fall in love with him instantly. We smile with him, we laugh with him, and we want to spread love like him. Too much of love. unable to understand such magnanimous love, Bobby distances himself. But Tina is madly in love with Ambili despite whatever situation she is in. Even after losing the innocence of childhood and seeing life as is. 

Ambili's love and innocence are taken advantage of by the villagers and get their things done by him. Those who have taken money from him make him pay for them. He does so with a charming smile. Yet, the villagers love him. For his love is so strong for humanity. He's the son of a military man and his father was well respected. 

Over time, after moving out to the town after the advancement of his career Bobby returns. While Ambili rejoices at the arrival of his friend he is met with scorn. Sort of. How Ambili's love for his friends and those around him get understood by Bobby and make him unite Ambili and Tina form the rest of the story. 

Writing and direction

Johnpaul George's narration is superb with moving images and has a warmth we have been forgetting in the day to day rush of life. The screenplay followed the dynamics of world cinema but still, it has the power of holding the attention of the audience with its theme and tension technique. The direction is expertly simple and elegant. 

The crew

The music by Vishnu Vijay is soulful and captured the warmth of the love overflowing from Ambili. Sharan Velayudhan's cinematography is neat. The editing has simple grace we attach with works of masters. The production design is charming. Production values are decent. 

Other actors

Naveen Nazim (brother of Nazriya) is neat in his role while Tanvi Ram makes a great impression as Tina the girl who loves Ambili and understands him inside out. Jaffer Idukki and Vettukkili Prakashan are great in their respective roles.


Ambili may not be for everyone but everyone might need a little bit of Ambili (moonshine) in their lives. Must watch. If not in theatres, savor this beauty when available in streaming. But missing this in theatres is a shame. 

Pycker Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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