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U Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 20 mins Aug 9, 2019
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Ambili Story

Director: Johnpaul George

Cast: Soubin Shahir as Ambili, Tanvi Ram as Tina, Naveen Nazim as Bobby

Ambili tells the story of a young man who is unlike many of us but always has overflowing love and warmth to share with others. He is an orphan. His father was killed in military service and was a good man. Everyone in the village takes advantage of his goodness and get things done by him but later makes fun of him. Despite this, he is good for everyone. 

The only person in the world who cares for him really is Teena, the sister of whom he thinks of as his best friend, Bobby. Bobby is the c/o address of Ambili for most of their childhood but as they grow up, he distances himself from Ambili unable to understand him. But Bobby's affection for the brother and sister is unwavering. 

Soon, to advance his career in cycling, bobby leaves the village. When he later returns to the village he is at odds with Ambili but Teena still loves him and wants to marry him much to the chagrin of her brother. Will Bobby understand Ambili's love in its truest form and reconcile with him? Will Teena's love for Ambili comes to fruitition? How and if Ambili's spirit brings change in Bobby form the rest of the story. 

Ambili is well received by the critics. Soubin Shahir's performance in the eponymous role won the approval of one and all. Johnpaul George's direction is appreciated. The movie is a moderate commercial success. Ambili was Pycker India's Best Movie of the Week (5-10 August 2019) during its release time. 

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