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Amar Akbar Anthony Review

U/A Action, Comedy 2 hrs 33 mins Nov 16, 2018





Amar Akbar Anthony Review & Rating


Amar Akbar Anthony Review: Stuck In The Past Like Its Title

A boy is wronged by the villains. They kill his parents. As he is young, and hence couldn't fight the dirty and powerful villains, the boy waits till he grows up. And we know what happens in the end. He kills the villains and in between romances the heroine and fights the system for god knows why. Add the same storyline to the heroine, and we get Amar Akbar Anthony. 

As it is already known through the trailer, the movie is a revenge drama. Director Sreenu Vaitla promised a different experience with an emotional connect. Yes, Amar Akbar Anthony has an emotional connect. The audience connected this film with another revenge drama. The story of this film is about an Amar whose parents are killed by the villain gang. The movie has all the cliches associated with the genre. The parents of the hero Amar and heroine Aishwarya are friends. And they are business partners. As is the case with Telugu films, these businessmen are altruistic and make four of their employees as partners. But having an eye on the entire business empire, they kill their generous bosses. 

Amar and Aishwarya are saved by their trusted servant and unfortunately gets separated after some time. 14 years pass so that the hero comes of age at 25 so that he is eligible to take revenge. For the reason only Sreenu Vaitla knows, Amar comes out of jail. We know what happens next. 

The movie lends its title from a similar revenge drama of the 1970s. The story of the film is also right out of the 1970s. The narration followed the template of Sreenu Vaitla films despite having a slightly different basic story. Hero and heroine separately work to kill the same villains remind us of P. Surender Reddy's Athanokkade starring Kalyan Ram. But that film has an emotional connect. The same is missing in Amar Akbar Anthony despite the director's promise. The spoofing comedy of his past films is repeated here too. WATA (Whole Andhra and Telangana Association) is a satire on the Telugu associations in America, and the much publicized Sathya's character is a spoof of K. A. Paul. We have seen many YouTube trolling videos. 

Sreenu Vaitla's direction is pathetic. He rose expectations with the first 15 minutes of the movie. The opening scenes are intriguing. But once the grown-up hero and heroine appear on the screen, things turned for the worst. The narration has several loopholes. Logics are left in the Atlantic. Abhimanyu Singh who played an FBI officer behaves not like the sophisticated cop of America but as a goonish Tollywood film cop. 

The director also followed the latest fad of giving the hero a disorder too. Dissociative Personality Disorder. As a double dhamaka, the heroine suffers from the same disorder. While a similar multiple personality disorder is used as a plot element in a few films previously, it was seen with empathy. Here, in this film, it was used as a tool for comedy. There is nothing to talk about the screenplay. 

Thaman's music is forgettable in the songs. The background score is okayish. The editing is pretty bad. He could have chopped off at least a couple of hours in the film. The only positive point in the film is the cinematography. The visuals are colorful. The frames are brilliant. Production values by Mythri Movie Makers are grand. They left no stone unturned to give grandeur to the movie. The art department too did a splendid job with the locations. 

Amar Akbar Anthony is not at all a comeback vehicle to both Sreenu Vaitla and Ravi Teja. If such films score commercial success, we will only get similar rehashed spoofs in the future. Mass Maharaj deserves a better film. His did a fine job in the three shades though. Ileana got a substantial role in the movie as she had stated in the interviews, but the characterization is not strong. The villains are mere caricatures. A forgettable film, unlike its namesake. 

Amar Akbar Anthony Critic Reviews

Amar Akbar Anthony User Reviews

  • E.prashanth

    16 Nov 18 @ 6:02 PM

    Nice Movie. After longtime srinu vaitla direction is Good. Music is ultimate and Raviteja & Ileana pair was excellent. Overall movie is too good 

  • Bharath

    16 Nov 18 @ 5:57 PM

    Excellent Movie. Raviteja & Ileana acting was too good. We can enjoy the movie up to last minute. Srinu Vaitla is Back with "AAA"

  • vijay

    13 Dec 18 @ 3:35 PM

Amar Akbar Anthony Live Updates & Public Talk

Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja starrer Amar Akbar Anthony hits the screens today. The Sreenu Vaitla directorial gathered up a lot of buzz in the lead u to its release. With most of the previews done and the early and morning shows underway, Amar Akbar Anthony is getting a mixed talk. But the movie is said to be a different take for Sreenu Vaitla. As expected, the movie is a revenge drama. The first half sets the story up. But the Amar Akbar Anthony is said to be better than recent Sreenu Vaitla films. 

The movie is said to be a decent entertainer. Comedy in the movie is also getting a mixed response. It worked in parts. Amar Akbar Anthony is a well made film with good production values. Ravi Teja is good in the three shades. But the comedy looks forced and the songs are a letdown. The movie has an interesting premise. The screenplay has a few drags. 


Amar Akbar Anthony is good in parts. Could be termed a decent comeback for both Ravi Teja and Sreenu Vaitla but the narration could have been better. The interval bang is good with a nice twist. Ravi Teja as Mark Anthony has few hilarious comedy scenes. But the mixed talk is continuing with comments on routine narration and predictable scenes in the second half. 

Keep watching for more Amar Akbar Anthony public talk and live updates. 

Amar Akbar Anthony Preview

What is Amar Akbar Anthony About?

Amar Akbar Anthony is about comebacks. Of the stars. Of the director. Touted to be an out and out entertainer, the action comedy sees Ravi Teja team up with Sreenu Vaitla for the fourth time. A revenge drama interlaced with emotions, Amar Akbar Anthony is a different film for both the director and the star. Interestingly, it is also a familiar territory for both of them. Ileana makes her Tollywood comeback after a long gap.

Produced on a relatively high budget by Mythri Movie Makers, a lot is riding on the success of this film. Amar Akbar Anthony will see Ravi Teja in three different avatars. The basic theme of the movie is about having the strength within in order to overcome the dangerous situations rather than depending on others. With the usual host of comedy actors, this movie promises to be high on entertainment.

Amar Akbar Anthony Promises

An out and out masala entertainer

From what we have seen in the trailers, Amar Akbar Anthony has all the entertainment we expect from a Ravi Teja movie. His previous combination with Sreenu Vaitla produced superb masala entertainers like Venky and Dubai Sreenu. And as the director promises this film to be a mix of Venky and Dubai Sreenu, we can expect high-quality entertainment with this movie. Hilarious comedy and thrilling action sequences are virtually guaranteed. 

Ileana's return to Tollywood

One of the top actresses in Tollywood at one time, Ileana makes a comeback with Amar Akbar Anthony. She had paired up with Ravi Teja in three films in the past, and in fact, her last Telugu film before this was with him. Their chemistry worked out big time in the past, and the same can be expected this time too with this mass Jodi. She is said to have action sequences in this movie. And as she had told in numerous interviews, she has a substantial role in this movie.

Team assembled by Mythri Movie Makers

Within a short span of time, Mythri Movie Makers turned out to be one of the prestigious production houses in Telugu. They always assemble some of the very talented actors and technicians. Sreenu Vaitla was a trendsetter whose temple of comedy entertainers was followed by many directors. Despite a few setbacks in recent times, he is still capable of delivering very good entertainers. As he himself has revealed recently, he had spent a lot of time on making the script tick. 

2018 is turning out to be a watershed year for Thaman with some of the musical scores he delivered received high acclaim. He is going to be one of the key players for Amar Akbar Anthony with not only with his background score but also with catchy tunes. The cinematography by Vijay C. Dileep is crisp from what little we have seen in the teaser and trailers. Mythri Movie Makers leave no stone unturned when it comes to the production scale. 

And Ravi Teja show

Ravi Teja means mass and mass means Ravi Teja. Be it the comedy setpieces or the punchy dialogues, he has created a genre for himself. There is no need to elaborate on his entertaining skills. Mass Maharaj is ready to strike with Amar Akbar Anthony and with him in three different avatars, we can expect a lot more of what we have come to know about his movies. A Ravi Teja show all the way. 

Watch this space for Amar Akbar Anthony review, rating, and analysis. Be right back!