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Amanush 2

A Crime, Drama, Thriller 2 hrs 27 mins Apr 14, 2015
Amanush 2

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'Amanush 2' is a Bengali thriller film directed by Rajib Kumar Biswas starring Soham Chakraborty as Raghu and Payel Sarkar as Ria. Raghu who was a good student in school but starts having problems when his father commits suicide. Seeking revenge, he sets his house on fire, killing his mother and ending up in a juvenile home. Upon his release, he heads to Chennai to start a new life and befriends Saleem, a medical student. But Saleem dies when the bus they are travelling in meets with an accident. Seeing an opportunity, Raghu impersonates Saleem and joins the medical college. There, he also makes new friends, Suresh and Ashok, and has a relationship with Riya. One day, the gang comes across the juvenile home warden, who recognizes Raghu and reveals his real identity.

Amanush 2 Cast & Crew

  • Soham Chakraborty


  • Payel Sarkar


  • Rajib Kumar Biswas