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Allu Ramendran Review

U Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 15 mins Feb 1, 2019





Allu Ramendran Review & Rating


Allu Ramendran Review: Decent Time-Pass Watch On An Idle Weekend

The premise

Kunchako Boban is a tough as nails policeman. You have to believe it. He plays one in Allu Ramendran. Cast against the current run of his characters, Kunchako Boban comes out as the eponymous role and sets out to find out who was the reason behind him getting the deprecating nickname Allu (nails). ow, you might have understood the pun in the first sentence. 

Allu Ramendran story

Ramendran is a generally competent policeman who leads a happy life. he is married, and his wife Viji is a meek and sweet village belle which means she's just there in the film as a prop and has nothing to do with the plot. Hey! A hero needs a heroine, right? OKay. You got it. And a smart and free-spirited sister Swathi whose love story has a remote connection to certain plot elements in the film. Aparna Balamurali is terrific in the role. Jithu, the guy who loves Swathi rounds off our hero's immediate circle. 

Ramendran has everything and life is going rather smoothly. But his jeep's tire always gets punctured when he is on a serious task. This makes him the butt of jokes in the department and to an extent, off the profession. He is given a nickname Allu (nails) Ramendran. It is to force this prefix out of his life, Ramendran decides to find the person who puts nails so that his jeep gets punctures. Is there an ulterior motive behind this or is it just part of an elaborate but good-humored prank? The answers to this question form the rest of the story. 

Kunchako Boban leads from the front

Kunchako Boban, as usual, lived through the character. It is refreshing to watch him in the uniform and with a serious expression and he carried the film on his shoulders. Aparna Balamurali is superb in the limited role and so is Kishore Shankar as her lover. Chandhini who played Ramendran's wife is competent in her performance. Dharmajan, Hareesh Kanaran, and Krishna Shankar have some witty dialogues and they entertain in the first half. 

Writing and direction

The writing of the film is quite good in the first half. It runs like a breeze. But that is not so in the case of the second half. It is sluggish for the most part. There are some unnecessary scenes just to fill in the screen time rather than making the viewing experience better. The direction by Bilahari is good enough. 

The crew

The music of the film is pretty average. The background score is good in serious scenes and bland in the fun scenes. The cinematography is consistently good. The production design is also decent. The visuals are striking. The editing is pretty average. Production values by Ashiq Usman Productions are good. 


Allu Ramendran starts off with an interesting premise but loses the track in the second half as the basic story is wafer thin. Still, banking on the performances of lead actors and the rusty charm of Kunchako Boban, the film ends up as a decent one time watch. You can give it a try on an idle weekend. Or wait till it hits the online streaming sites. 


  • Interesting storyline
  • Kunchako Boban performance
  • Aparna Balamurali and Krishna Shankar pairing


  • Sluggish second half

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Allu Ramendran Critic Reviews

Allu Ramendran User Reviews

  • HariGovindh

    4 Feb 19 @ 9:29 AM

    Bearable, but only a one time watch. The movie had a decent story and cast but the writing, overall setting and the open ended climax disappoints even the most avid moviebuff. Special praises to Salim Kumar and Kochupreman for decent comedy in what was a much dull movie.

  • HariGovindh

    4 Feb 19 @ 9:29 AM

    Bearable, but only a one time watch. The movie had a decent story and cast but the writing, overall setting and the open ended climax disappoints even the most avid moviebuff. Special praises to Salim Kumar and Kochupreman for decent comedy in what was a much dull movie.

  • Vishak

    23 Nov 19 @ 5:31 PM

    Nice movie... Different plot

Allu Ramendran Live Updates & Public Talk

The latest outing of Kunchako Boban seemed to bring out the mass avatar of the chocolate hero. Director Bilahari got a break when he was noticed for his Porattam and was roped in to direct the evergreen hero Chakochan. The film with its simple plot and healthy humor makes it a worthy watch. Kunchako Boban has delivered a decent performance as a police driver and his chemistry with the charming Chandini is refreshing.

The audience have found the first half to be good with ample humour. There were commendable performances from Chandini, Sreenath Bhasi, Aparna Balamurali and Krishna Sanker.

 In spite of lending no novelty in treatment, Allu Ramendran makes for a one time watch. More updates will follow. Keep watching this space for reviews and ratings.

Allu Ramendran Preview

What is Allu Ramendran About?

Allu Ramendran is easily a differently typical Kunchako Boban film we get to see in recent memory. Kunchako Boban who is currently playing good-at-heart and good Samaritan par excellence roles will be seen donning the Khaki for a change and this is enough to make us take notice of the film and fan to flock to the theatre. The film is touted to be a buddy film and has a lot of scope for entertainment and thrilling moments.

Obviously, the trailer went viral and a lot of buzz was created for Kunchako Boban’s relatively rugged looks. With a cast like Aparna Balamurali and Chandhini Sreedharan playing the other lead roles with Krishna Sankar in a crucial role. Allu Ramendran which hits the screens this weekend is directed by Bilahari of Porattam fame.

Allu Ramendran Promises

A typically untypical Kunchako Boban entertainer

Kunchako Boban is a top of the line actor for the last couple of decades but he is mostly seen in a bit stereotypical roles these days him playing generally soft or cosmetic roles. But here, he's playing the role of a policeman who means business. The film has everything we expect from Boban’s films and some more in the form of elevated heroism. All these promises that we have a substantial entertainer in hands with Allu Ramendran.

Kunchako Boban as Allu Ramendran

Remember the frame where Kunchako Boban reminds one character how to pronounce his name? Also, the scene where he comes down the steps wielding a wooden rod in his hands ready to fight. This gives a peek into how his character is going to be. May not be an explosive mass role, but certainly heroic and has many high points. And with the actor he is, we can surely expect a tour De force from him.

Director and a strong cast

Director Bilahari was earmarked for good things when Porattam was released. Made on a shoestring budget the film went on to be admired for the efforts made by all the youngsters associated with it. The film had a socially relevant point. Now, the same Bilahari is coming up with a star hero and considerably high budget. We can expect he made good of the chance.

As for the other leads in the film, Aparna Balamurali plays the role of Allu Ramendran’s sister. It is a meaty role for the young actress. Chandhini Sreedharan plays the role of a village belle, a housewife who dons saree and wear sindoor. In her own words, this is unlike any character she played in her career. Krishna Sankar plays the role of Jithu and is expected to come up with an excellent performance.

Keep watching for Allu Ramendran review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!