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Mr Majnu Review

U/A Drama, Romance 2 hrs 25 mins Jan 25, 2019





Mr Majnu Review & Rating

Mr. Majnu Review: Spiritual Sequel To Tholi Prema Doesn't Have The Same Feel

The premise

Love/ romance and the Akkinenis might have an eternal relationship. It was the love story Geetanjali which made Nagarjuna the quintessential romantic hero in Tollywood. Naga Chaithanya got his first breakthrough in the form of aye Maya Chesave. Now, Akhil who suffered back to back failures is banking on a love story. The onus is on young director Venky Atluri who made waves with Tholi Prema to give Akhil the eluding hit. 

Not that all of Akhil’s previous films were bad. Hello was a new age romance film and received high critical acclaim but the coincidences that moved the plot are felt one too many by the audience. What could have been a fairy tale success turned out to be an ignored affair.

Rejection is one thing. Being ignored is another thing. Those who are in love knows this well. So, Akhil pinned all his hopes on Venky Atluri's ability to narrate love stories from a fresh perspective. Let's see if this film worked magic for all these youngsters with Mr. Majnu review. 

Vicky and Nicky

Vicky (A reference to Nagarjuna's Vikram also used in Naga Chaitanya's Premam) is a Casanova who is a compulsive flirt. He has the capability to make girls drool over him. And he charms just like that. In comes, Nicky. She is an NRI girl who resides in the UK, obviously as Venky Atluri might have fallen in love with the erstwhile empire, and has certain personal opinions and values like a good Tollywood heroine should have. That is... until she meets the hero. 

Vicky who is doing his Post-Grad in London meets Nicky in a charmingly orchestrated (by the director) chance meeting. Like every self-respecting Telugu heroine should, Nicky hates Vicky. But as their names are rhyming, we know that they'll fall in love at some point in the first half after a few incidents. By that time, the heroine leaves aside her integrity and love the hero and change her opinion on him. Of course, we also want that, no? Those incidents happen over a family wedding. Then you know what happens. 

One character after another comes and mouths few punch dialogues in between few emotional dialogues establishing family bonding. In the course of these template family entertainer events, Nicky falls in love with Vicky who declares that the longest relationship he had ever had was for a month. It is then that Nicky proposes to him to be in a relationship for a couple of months (remember Prakash Kovelamudi's Neetho?). 

Vicky discourages her at every opportunity as he feels that he is not the right guy for her. After 60 days, he rejects her and this hurts Nicky as her expectations of being in familiar vicinity will change him are dashed. Nicky leaves him and goes back to the UK. Like in many such films we have seen, the hero misses Nicky in her absence and goes to the UK to convince her and win his love of life back. She rejects him out of hurt. How Vicky and Nicky like their rhyming names get united and live happily ever after form the rest of the story. 


Akhil as Vicky improved his strength of looks and dances. The unnecessary fight scenes are well choreographed and he did exceedingly well too. The 8 pack body showcased in the title song received a good response. Looks wise, he looked the part of Mr. Romantic. But it is in the emotional scenes that he paled even when compared to the heroine Niddhi Agerwal. He needs to improve consistency in his diction too. 

Niddhi Agerwal looked beautiful as required and there isn't much scope for glamor show. She is adorable in the romantic scenes. She is a good match to Akhil and their chemistry worked out big time. She did a decent job in the emotional scenes too. Unfortunately, she didn't get an author-backed role as expected. The template narration in the second half didn't give scope for making a big impact like Raashi Khanna did in Tholi Prema. 

Nagendra Babu as the heroine's father did a nice job. Rao Ramesh received a routine role and he did it justice in a routine way. Jaya Prakash as the hero's father is decent. Sithara, Pavitra Lokesh did a good enough job to make the scenes tick. While Priyadarshi Pulikonda is excellent in the comedy department, the same couldn't be said of Hyper Aadi's role in the second half. Though the comedy is half good, his antics as Piracy Pulla Rao who sells pirated CDs in London are irritating at best. Rest of the actors did as required. 

Writing and direction

While the core concept of the film has a well-rounded feel, Venky Atluri did a great job in parts. While his strengths like narration, dialogues worked out very well, the screenplay followed a routine template as are the family scenes in the first half. We all know that the hero misses the heroine in her absence and goes back to her in no time. So, he should have added a bit more depth to their bonding in the first half. 

He also failed to give strong emotional traits to the lead actors like he did in Tholi Prema. Varun tej's ego and temper are strongly established in Tholi Prema. Raashi Khanna's role as an independent but responsible girl is also established quite well. But he failed to bring such feel to Vicky and Nicky. This lack of depth in the characterizations made the proceedings uninteresting in few parts. The songs picturization, especially the third song, is done very well. 

The crew

The music by Thaman is good. The background score is terrific and forms the soul of the film. The cinematography by George C. Williams is fantastic. The visuals are eye-candy. The frames are pleasant to look at. The editing is nice without unnecessary jerks and the overall flow of the film is smooth. The production design is top-notch and the locations are superb. The production values by SVSC banner are rich. 


Majnu is a spiritual sequel to Venky Atluri's Tholi Prema as it deals with another flavor of love. While Tholi Prema showcases virgin love as the name suggests, Mr. Majnu is about the girl's first man and the boy's last girl. Enough said, right? The lead pair chemistry and overall narration make the film a decent watch. If you want the same fresh feel of Tholi Prema or an innovative story, better look elsewhere. After all, Tholi Prema (first love) is always special. Can't be bettered. 


  • Lead pair chemistry
  • Niddhi Agerwal
  • Music and cinematography
  • Rich visuals


  • We have seen it many times, no?
  • Lack of emotional depth

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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Mr Majnu User Reviews

  • Sai

    29 Jun 19 @ 5:15 PM

    The movie is awesome akhil's acting was so nice and hyper aadi comedy so good totally the movie is full of love

  • Bhargav

    25 Jan 19 @ 5:10 PM


  • hariharan

    25 Jan 19 @ 3:36 PM

    Poor action and worst facial expressions by akhil ;; shame on his part ;; thamman better to get retired.

Mr Majnu Preview

What is Mr. Majnu About?

A romantic love story about commitment issues which in an overall arc discusses what true love means. Venky Atluri who made a big mark with his debut film Tholi Prema has used another iconic title and again comes up with a fresh love story. Of course, we might have seen the love story in the past. But it’ll surely have a fresh spin in the hands of this talented young director. 

Mr. Majnu tells the story of a certain Vicky (a reference Nagarjuna's Vikram/Vicky roles?) who is non-committal in any relationship. In fact, he himself matter of factly tells the heroine that the longest time he had ever been in a relationship was 30 days. To that, the heroine counters saying let's try for two months. 

Mr. Majnu Promises

Venky Atluri's version of love

With his debut film, Tholi Prema, Venky Atluri proved himself to be strong in writing and Mr. Majnu is sure to be along the same lines. In Tholi Prema, both the lead actors received author-backed roles which can happen in Mr. Majnu too. And another feature of his directing was the smooth flow of narration which is essential for this particular genre as incidents after incidents have to happen on the screen all the while engaging the attention of the audience as there ould be no much suspense like in the case of thrillers. Dialogues are obviously going to be another highlight.

The lead pair

Akhil has been touted as the next big hero in Tollywood when he was introduced to the big screen in an electrifying manner in Manam. His first film was made on a huge budget with several action setpieces and a lot of heroic elevations. While his second film was basically the pet genre of the Akkineni's, romance, there were a few eye-catching action sequences. 

But with both films failing to set the box office on fire, he is pinning all his hopes on Mr. Majnu. He is handsome, can dance, and is good in action sequences. What he lacked in previous films was a strong character and he seems to have been given one in Mr. Majnu. An author-backed role is an ultimate test for the actor in him. 

Niddhi Agerwal who made her debut with Savyasachi has floored the youngsters across the Teluguland with her great looks and loads of glamor. Oh! She can act competently too. Playing the female lead in a romantic film where she has an equal footing with the hero is a superb experience for her. And a feast for her fans. 

The team assembled by Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra

B. V. S. N. Prasad of Sri Venkateswara Cinema Chitra is a producer with taste. He has produced a variety of films in a variety of genres and is known for great production values. S. S. Thaman who gave thumping music and virtually reinvented himself this year joins hands again with Venky. As this is a romance film, his soulful music will be an added advantage. George C. Williams is another team member of Venky Atluri from Tholi Prema and how brilliantly he canned that love story is known to all of us. 

Keep watching for Mr. Majnu review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!

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