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Aithe 2.0 Review

A Thriller 2 hrs 5 mins Mar 16, 2018





Aithe 2.0 Review & Rating

For Telugu movie lovers, the title Aithe means only one thing. The Gunnam Gangaraju - Chandrasekhar Yeleti 2003 classic. The movie not only won critical acclaim but also etched itself in the hearts of Telugu audience. Anni Cinema lu Okalaa Undavu (not all films are the same), the caption of the movie is as good as any tagline gets.

After nearly 15 years, audacious Telugu director Raj Madiraju, who made films like Rushi, and Andhra Pori in the past came up with Aithe 2.0 (Log out, you are hacked is the tagline), a spiritual successor or a rebooted version as the director says. He is one of the few Telugu directors to be very active on social media and is always brimming with ideas. He now has the distinction of making India’s first ever techno-thriller. Technical jargon flows through the dialogues and the feeling that the movie is quite different from what we watch regularly, as cybercrime is not properly shown in Indian Cinema. This is not a movie to have technology just for its sake. Technology, to be more correct, forms the backbone of the movie. Let’s get to know what Aithe 2.0 is all about and whether it lives up to its billing as a very different cinematic experience.

The story of Aithe 2.0 revolves around 4 youngsters, completed B. Tech, and as usual like in real life are jobless. They may be common guys in general, but they are not scums. They create a software, Eureka. Their aim is to sell the software to a bigshot and get money which can solve their problems.

Avinash Ganguly, played by Indraneil Sengupta, offers them jobs in their company in exchange for their software, but the guys reject the offer in earnest. The make the point clear that they just want to sell their software and monetise it. With no choice but to agree with them, Ganguly promises them to buy Eureka for $1 million dollars. Things change drastically and their software gets ruined at this point of time. How and what made this, and what these guys discover, and what happens when they pledge to take revenge on their tormentor forms the crux of the story.

Rating 3 from  tollywood

Overall Aithe 2.0, based on cybercrime, is an entertaining movie. One of the biggest plus points ...

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All the actors who are unknown to this point to Telugu audience are professional in their performance. Indraneil as the suave businessman lived through the character. The heroines (who are not actually in the story) are as modern as they get. Perfect casting. Abhishek, Kartavya Sharma, Neeraj, Mrunal, Mridanjli and Dr. Srikanth, and everyone is very apt to play the characters. It is a casting masterstroke by Raj Madiraju.

The story is the brainchild of the director. The movie which was completed about 2 years ago finally got its due release. It was bought by Planet Earth for foreign markets for a handsome amount. Viswas Cinemas distributed the movie in the Indian market. The story of the movie is top notch. It is as different as it gets in Telugu Cinema. The narration is slick, and it doesn’t get bogged down by deviations. The reality of the modern connected life is shown in a gritty manner. But certain scenes look too much of cinematic liberty is taken. Dialogues in the movie are pretty nice. Kittu Vissapragada wrote the dialogues in such a way that all the technical things can be understood by most of the audience.

Rating 3.25 from  pallibatani

The story is simple with complex layers on hacking. The screenplay pulls of the magic which the s...

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Music composed by Arun Chiluveru is good. The background score syncs with the narration very well. The Cinematography is atmospheric and matches the mood of the film. It could have been better if the budget is a bit higher. Editing work by Karthik Palle is good. Art work by Rajeev Nair is decent. Production values are above average. Certain aspects of the production could have been better, but we should not expect more from movies like this. The story and narration are important.

Rating 2.5 from  chitramala

The film has a gripping narration, but the presence of no big stars might not draw the audiences ...

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Overall, Aithe 2.0 lives up to the promise of a different movie, and this techno thriller is a must watch for those who love to watch different kind of movies. Projects like these from other countries are praised like anything by younger audience. They have to encourage movies like this. If films like this are successful, Telugu Cinema will elevate to heights never seen before. For the rest of the audience, if they can stomach gritty narration and frequent throwing of cuss words,  and they can give it a try to experience new sort of cinema. The movie may not be understood by everyone for its technical jargon and sometimes may not be able to follow the proceedings. 

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Aithe 2.0 Preview

What is Aithe 2.0 About?

Thrillers are quite rare in Telugu, and to think of techno thrillers, it’s next to nothing in Indian Cinema itself let alone regional languages. Aithe promises to be India’s first ever techno thriller, and we can expect it to fill in that gap. Raj Madiraju who directed movies like Rushi, a movie with a medical backdrop and Andhra Pori introducing Puri Jagannadh’s son Akash Puri.

Aithe 2.0 is said to be rebooted version of Chandrasekhar Yeleti’s 2003 cult classic Aithe. The story of this movie deals with cybercrime, and the perils of the connected world. Today the information of almost everyone is deposited online for various reasons, and lack of cybersecurity leads to extraction of data from personal and corporate profiles. The movie Aithe 2.0 says to log out. The main plot involves four unemployed engineers turn to criminals to avenge an anonymous, yet dangerous cybercriminal.

What to expect from Aithe 2.0?

Top class techno thriller

This movie explores the almost non-existent techno-thriller genre. The movie is about the connected world and explores the backdrop of cybercrime. What happens when four commoners turn criminals forms the crux of the story. Thrillers are backed by a novel story and taut execution. This techno-thriller is backed by yet unexplored story in Telugu Cinema and is expected to be a slick watch.

Raj Madiraju direction

Raj Madiraju made himself a name in the film circles as an intelligent and tasteful filmmaker with Rushi He won a Nandi Award in best story category for the same movie and was later trusted by Puri Jagannadh for his son’s debut with the 2015 movie Andhra Puri. Aithe 2.0 is a bold attempt in terms of content and execution. The movie trod unexplored waters in Telugu Cinema. A superb thriller with a novel story can be expected with Aithe 2.0

New cast and new age cinema

Most of the cast in Aithe 2.0 is new and it can make the characters they play more grounded and believable. This new age cinema can pave way for more newer attempts if this film gets the success it aspires for


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