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U/A Action, Realistic 2 hrs 4 mins Jan 22, 2016
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Airlift Story

Director: Raja Krishna Menon

Cast: Akshay Kumar as Ranjit Katyal, Nimrat Kaur as Amrita Katyal, Inaamulhaq as Major Khalaf bin Zayd, and Kumud Mishra as Sanjeev Kohli

Airlift is an Indian historical and biopic film based on the life of Mathunny Mathews. Ranjit Katyal is an Indian businessman leading a happy and successful life with his wife Amrita Katyal and his daughter Simu in Kuwait. Ranjit calls himself a Kuwaiti and he is often derisive towards Indians. One day Ranjit woke up to a phone call that negotiations between Iraq and Kuwait have collapsed and Iraqi troops have begun invading Kuwait. Ranjit also learns that Kuwait was mostly overrun by the Iraqi Army. Ranjit tries to leave Kuwait with his family but is stopped by Iraqi soldiers in between. Ranjit then meets Iraqi Republican Guard officer Major Khalaf bin Zayd, who knew Ranjit from Ranjit's visit to Iraq and ensures the safety of Ranjit and his family.

When Ranjit goes to the Indian embassy, he learns that the Kuwaiti government had fled into exile and around 170,000 Indians are now stranded as refugees in Kuwait. Ranjit somehow manages to contacts the Indian External Affairs Ministry where he reaches the Joint Secretary Sanjiv Kohli and asks arrangements for the evacuations of the Indian from Kuwait. Later the movie deals with how Ranjit risks his life and helps in the evacuation of Indians based in Kuwait.

Airlift won hearts upon releasing and even received thumbs up from the critics. Being made on a huge budget of 300 million, Airlift gained 2.31 billion at the box office. Critics called 'Airlift as the tale of unmatched heroism' and also appreciated Akshay Kumar calling it one of his best performances so far. The songs and the background score of the film were already a major hit before the release of the film. 

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