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Action (Tamil) Review

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Action (Tamil) Review & Rating

Action Review: Terrific Action Film Troubled By The Lack Of Plot

The premise

Every hero from South Indian Cinema has been targeting pan-India market these days it seems. Or at least has an eye on big-budget actioners like Saaho and War. Tamil hero Vishal is the latest hero to try a pan-India style Hollywood level action entertainer with an international intriguing and a globe-trotting hero. Surprisingly, senior actor-director of Tamil Cinema known for Masala entertainers, Sundar C. helms the project. Let’s see how it worked out for them.

Subhash the super-soldier

Colonel Subhash is no ordinary soldier. No. Not in that way of saying he’s a super-soldier (which he’s anyway as the film demands). He has a political background and his father is none other than the Chief Minister of the state (Tamil Nadu - for those who watch Tamil version & Andhra Pradesh/Telangana for those watching it in Telugu). Obviously he’s sincere and does everything to save the country. But as the genre demands, a big tragedy in his life leads to his path of vengeance.

A bomb attack on his family leads to the death of a few of his dearest ones. And to nab the person behind this, he goes on a global action-adventure. We all know how the film ends. So, let’s concentrate on how the film is made and how much entertainment value is in the offering for us (read: audience).

Writing and direction

The director Sunder C. is known for masala entertainers for the most part. He tried a different genre and a high concept film at that. Vishal is an actor who is suitable for every sort of action role imaginable and Sundar utilised all his strengths to the fullest. The movie starts with an extraordinarily choreographed action sequence set in Istanbul. If you’re impressed by this, you’ll forget it once you watch the interval section sequence. Such was the brilliance of the stunt choreography.

The chase scenes are too good to believe that this film is made on a relatively lower budget. But the problem with this film is the already wafer thin story is not aided by punchy narration. All the plot appears ad hoc and is stitched together to incorporate more chases and stunts. It’s just like a showreel of action sequences. Peppered with a few songs. Nobody remembers the plot. There is no emotional depth too. The screenplay is set in template. There’s nothing new. The direction is terrific though.


Vishal did a fantabulous job of the role of Subhash the Army Man who is on the hunt for a terrorist who also killed his dearest ones. He has a great screen presence. He looks cool in stunts. The motions are fluid. The dialogue delivery is good (dubbing is also neat in Telugu). It is a role he has been waiting for in a long time. Tamannaah has nothing much to do in the first half but has a meaty portion i the second half. She’s good both in her performance and in stunt scenes.

Aishwarya Lekshmi is decent in a limited role. Her natural (Malayali) charm is elevated well by the director. Akanksha Puri is sexy and did well in a negative role. Kabir Singh is under-utilised in a predictable role. Senior actor Ramky brings his experience to the fore in a few scenes. Rest of the actors did within the scope of their roles.

The crew

The music of the film is excellent. Especially the background score. The cinematography is rich and grand. The way the chases and action sequences are shown on the big screen is simply marvellous. The editing is choppy. Maybe, the director wanted to try different things just for trying it in a different way. There is no coherence in visuals too. The production design is mighty. The locations are grand and exotic to South Indian audience. The production values are rich.


What could have been a feast for action lovers has now become a passable generic action film is solely because of the lack of emotional depth and insipid narration. But the stunts are so well done that you won’t mind the narration flaws. So, if you’re an action film lover, you can give it a try. Once.


  • Brilliantly conceived action scenes
  • Vishal as the super-soldier
  • Tamannaah in a good form as an action heroine


  • Incoherent narration
  • Choppy editing

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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