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U Comedy, Thriller 2 hrs 20 mins May 19, 2017
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Achayans Story 

Director: Kannan Thamarakkulam

Cast: Jayaram as Roy, Prakash Raj as Police Commissioner Karthikeyan, Unni Mukundan as Tony, Sanju Sivaram as Rafi, Adil Ibrahim as Aby, Amala Paul as Reetha, Anu Sithara as Prayaga

Roy, Tony, Rafi, and Aby are four happy go lucky brothers who are very close to each other. The night before Tony's marriage, all of them gets drunk and mess up the occasion. As a punishment, their family sends them to a Christian de-addiction center. But their behavior at the place manages to get them kicked out. So they decide to go on a road trip instead.

While on the road, they meet Reetha and Prayaga, two young women who escaped a critical situation by the breadth of a hair. They decided to travel together and the young men are quite thrilled about the new company they got. On the New Year eve, they decide to stay at a hotel and they sleep late after celebrations. 

Next morning Reetha is found dead. Police doubt the brothers. The rest of the movie is about how the mystery of Reetha's murder is solved and how the culprit is caught. Achayans is an average fair which was tagged as a one time watch by the critics.

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