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Achari America Yatra Review

Comedy 2 hrs 14 mins Apr 27, 2018





Achari America Yatra Review & Rating

Achari America Yatra with its hit the combination of Manchu Vishnu and Brahmanandam created a little bit of buzz among the audience with its promise of a laugh riot. Produced by Kirthi Chowdary, Kittu Chowdary, ML Kumar Choudhary on Padmaja Fulms banner, Achari America Yatra has G. Nageswara Reddy at its help as director. 

With the success of their previous combinations, Brahmanandam and Vishnu rose the curiosity of the audience. Pragya Jaiswal is the heroine in this movie. With the hero and the heroine both in the ned of a success and with Brahmanandam's on-screen appearance becoming quite rare, let's see if this combination repeats the same magic of their previous movies with Achari America Yatra review.

The story of the movie revolves around Appalachari and Krishnamachari. When conducting a Homam in the house of a rich family, an unexpected thing happens, and the goons of the family haunt Achari and Achari and their group. They escape to America, and there Krishnamachari falls in love with Renuka. Here the twist is, Renuka belongs to the same family Achari has escaped from. The rest of the story revolves around how Achari and Achari solve their problems and how Krishnamachari wins his love. 

Rating 2.5 from  123telugu

On the whole, Achari America Yatra is yet another outdated comedy which has nothing new to offer....

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Manchu Vishnu has a great timing for comedy. The ease with which he delivers dialogues is certainly an asset for any film. In Achari America Yatra, Vishnu rocked with his performance. His combination with Brahmanandam is a guarantee for entertainment.  Brahmanandam did as usual. Few of the scenes with Vishnu makes the audience laugh like hell. But his love story with Surekha Vani is tad boring. Not all scenes involving him elicit laughter. 

Pragya Jaiswal is beautiful in traditional dresses. She has a solid characterization and she did well.She is beautiful in the songs. Kota Srinivasa Rao had a key role and he did a fine job. Anoop Thakur Singh as the villain has done a decent work. But his characterization lacks depth. Especially in the second half, he looks silly because of bad characterisation. pradeep Rawat did what he is told by the director. 

Rating - from  sakshi

మంచు విష్ణుతో హ్యాట్రిక్‌ సక్సెస్‌ కోసం ప్రయత్నించిన జీ.నాగేశ్వరరెడ్డి పెద్దగా ప్రయోగాల...

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The story of the movie has nothing to write about. But few scenes give you laughs. The directing is pretty average. Nageswara Reddy failed to give proper characterisation to the villains. The narration has bumps. It ois not the sort of work expected by Nageswara Reddy. 

Music by S. S. Thaman is pretty average. A couple of songs are good to watch on the screen. The cinematography by Siddharth Ramaswamy is very good. The visuals are great. Editing is okay. Production values by Padmaja Films banner are good.

Rating 1.5 from  telugu360

On the whole, Achari America Yatra is a disappointing film which fails in all segments. The silly...

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On a whole,  Ahari America Yatra which was postponed multiple times doesn't live up to the expectations Manchu Vishnu and Brahmanandam create. Average writing and directing played the spoilsport. The first half is decent but the second half fails to interest the audience. Achari America Yatra is a timepass watch. 

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  • Yuvaraj

    28 Apr 18 @ 9:17 AM

Achari America Yatra Preview

What is Achari America yatra about?

Manchu Vishnu and Brahmanandam is such a combination which makes the theatres fill with laughter. Their previous movies Dhee, Denikaina Ready were big hits and established their combination as a minimum guarantee for fun. Achari America Yatra is a comedy film directed by G. Nageswara Reddy. pragya Jaiswal is the heroine in this movie. The movie is produced by Kirthi Chowdary and ML Kumar Choudhary on Padmaja Films banner.

The story of Achari America Yatra revolves around Krishnamachari and Appalachari. Brahmanandam plays the role of Appalachari who along with Krishnamachari (played by Manchu Vishnu) goes to America. The humourous adventures of the duo that follow after that form the crux of the story. The movie also involves the love story of the character played by Mancu Vishnu with the heroine. The basic story of the movie is based on the novel of Malladi Venkata Krishnamurthy.

What to expect from Achari America Yatra?

Manchu Vishnu - Brahmanandam comedy

Manchu Vishnu proved that he has a great comedy timing. No words can describe the comedy prowess of Hasya Brahmanandam who is recognised as one of the greatest comedians in India. The combination of this duo proved to be a laugh riot with movies like Dhee, Denikaina ready, Doosukeltha, and even as latest as Gayatri. In Achari America Yatra, Brahmanandam is going to have a full-length role and he can be seen sharing the majority of the screen space with Manchu Vishnu. Achari America Yatra can be expected to be a joyful comic experience.

G. Nageswara Reddy track record

G. Nageswara Reddy is one of the very few directors who is still making full-length comedy films. His previous combination with Manchu Vishnu, Denikaina Ready, Eedo Rakam  Aado Rakam scored well for its comedy. Most of Nageswara Reddy movies are rollicking fun entertainers. With a talent pool like Vishnu, Brahmanandam, and Posani Nageswara Reddy can be expected to tickle the funny bone of the audience.

Pragya Jaiswal

The character played by Pragya Jaiswal is pivotal to the story of  Achari America yatra. She is the driving force behind the characters of Krishnamachar and Appalachari. The duo goes to America for her. Though the character played by Pragya Jaiswal is serious in demeanour, for the most part, humour generates around her. In addition this all this, her glamour will add value to the movie.

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