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Abhimanyudu Review

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Abhimanyudu Review & Rating


The man

Man of Telugu origin Vishal is one of the most prominant heroes in Tamil Film Industry. His films have equal craze among Telugu audience. Proving his market might in Teluguland, hero Vishal releases his movies in Telugu almost simultaneously alongside Tamil versions. 

Vishal known for commercial potboilers for most part has come up with an enirely different movie the last time in the form of Detective (Thupparivaalan in Tamil). The movie received rave reviews in both Tamil and Telugu and delivered him a commercial hit. Now, he came up with another concept based film, Abhimanyudu, the official Telugu dubbed version of the Tamil movie Irumbu Thirai.

The Iron Curtain

Irumbu Thirai in Tamil Nadu is praised for its currenly relevant subject matter, and the lead cat are acclaimed for their strong performance. Let's see if Vishal's latest offering receives the same success in Telugu with Abhimayundu review.

Karunakar aka Karuna played by Vishal is a hot headed young military officer who is often rebuked for his anger issues from the higher authorities. In one such situation, Karuna is sent to Dr. Latha Devvi played by Samantha Akkineni. She suggests him to reunite with his estranged family so that his issue which has a base in his past will get solved. 

Karuna goes to his village and takes the task of his sisters marriage with the guy she loved. All this seems like a recent Telugu film by a top hero, right? Yes. But the comparisons end there and the story takes a suprising turn for good. Vishal sells a property in his village and raises 4 lakhs and for another 10 lakhs, he gets a loan from the bank. But the 10 lakhs vanish as they are credited in his account. A relevant problem, right?

Given the recent controversial incidents involving Facebook-Cambridge Analytica, the shutting down of Ukrainian power stations by alleged Russian hackers, and even our very own Aadhaar Card and its data privacy, the topicality of Abhimanyudu's theme (cyber crime) instantly makes it intriguing to the audience who identify themselves with the hero. 

Irressistible force vs Immovable object

But like Dhruva (which is a remake of another terrific Tamil thriller ThaniOruvan), this film, too, is about a cat-and-mouse game between an Irressistible force and an immovable object. 

The force here is White Devil played the ever charming Arjun Sarja, a master hacker, who, in the words of a character is Digital World's Don. And the object who is in his way of achieving his ultimate goal (of having every individual's information in his hand) is Karunakar.

The reason for Karuna's estrangement from his family is explained here as. His father is a serial borrower like a serial killer. As an upriht son fed up with all this, Karuna left his home. When his money vanishes just like that, he comes in to the orbit of White Devil. 

The linking of a few important scenes to money like Karuna's father, a loan collection agent with zero empathy, and Karuna wholoathes borrowing being forced to take a loan play on the subcoicious of the audience like a good cinematic story should. 

The relevant and the familiar

The conflict between Karunakar and his father (Delhi Ganesh who delivered an effortlessly casual performance) is nicely brought out. You can't help but feel for both these characters. The tense interval block takes the things to new heights with a brief but impressive parkour-influenced stunt (similar stunt is performed by Vishal in ) we get in the pre-interval scene after a leisurely first half. 

The dialogues on how banks are reluctant to lend loans to farmers or to students, how loan agents harass people who have borrowed small amounts, (remember call money in Vijayawada?), but let big fish like Vijay Mallaya to slip away, how the Aadhaar Card might be used as a weapon strike a chord.  Director Mithran deserves repeated pats o on his back for conjuring up a film like this. 

Terrific score and cinematography

George Williams's cinematography gives the film a sheen of great atmosphere. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja though fails in songs, the background score is terrific and elevates the scenes. Samantha has a significant role in the movie as Dr. Latha Devi, and she excelled in the role as usual. 

The nitpicks

But the film feels lag at certain places and the first half should have been tucked up with crisp narration. A thriller like this should be handled this way. But Indian films follow first half and second half style which leads to over long beginning session in a movie. Leaving aside a reviewer's point of vew in writing a screenplay, Abhimanyudu is a top class entertainment which has a relevant social issue alongside being a commercial film.

Just go and watch it

Telgu Film Industry is changing and coming up with out of the box storytelling like its Southern counterpart Tamil Film Industry. This movie, Abhimanyudu is an eminent entry into the long list of Tamil movies that are made on top class production values that can made it big in Telugu. Do watch the film in your favourite theatres. 

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Abhimanyudu Live Updates & Public Talk

Vishal starrer Abhimanyudu has finally hit the screens and it is carrying a decent buzz owing to the popularity of its lead cast. The movie is a dubbed version of Irumbu Thirai directed by PS Mithran. Special premiere show of Abhimanyudu was held at a private theatre a day before its theatrical release and the movie got a unanimously positive response. Check out the Tweets below.

Stay tuned for Live updates and more public talk of Abhimanyudu.

Abhimanyudu Preview

What is Abhimanyudu about?

Vishal has good recognition among Telugu movie audience. Most of his films are released in Telugu either as part of a bilingual or as a dubbed version. Abhimanyudu is an official remake of Vishal's Tamil action thriller Irumbu Thirai. The movie is directed by P. S. Mithran in his feature film debut. Vishal produced the movie on Vishal Film Factory. Samantha is the female lead. Delhi Ganesh, Robo Shankar, Vincent Ashokan are playing the supporting roles in this film. Action King Arjun will be seen as the villain Devil. The Telugu version of this movie is presented by Hari Venkateshwara Pictures banner.

The story of Abhimanyudu is about a military officer played by Vishal. The major theme of this movie is set around Information Theft. Vishal as a military man faces common-man everyday issues like difficulties in getting a passport and ration card. Abhimanyudu comes to Telugu audiences at a time when relatively new concepts such as cybercrimes like in Aithe 2.0 and telephone tapping like in Spyder are making it to the big screen.  Such concepts give modern look to the narration. 

What to expect from Abhimanyudu?

The novel concept of Information Theft

Information theft is a major issue in this connected world. Credit card fraud, loss of information, leakages, piracy and what not! The director Mithran conceived the idea of Abhimanyudu long ago when his friend lost an amount of Rs. 40,000. Even the police could not find how the money was theft. No one clue where it had gone. As Mithran is a one who is always in search of ideas, started thinking. He took it as his pet project, started researching about similar cases and wrote a script. He met many producers and narrated the script he had written at that time. 

Everyone Mithran met loved the core concept the movie Abhimanyudu but advised him to make it as a big movie, not a small budget film he had envisioned. Before Vishal came into the picture, the idea was to make a small scale movie with the main lead as an IT employee whose money is stolen via cybercrime. Though the producers who heard the story liked the basic concept of the film, they advised him to make it a big movie with a proper budget. Vishal was very impressed with the story and himself produced the film on Vishal Film Factory. Abhimanyudu is a stylish film that connects with today's youngsters and is a commentary on present issues. 

Main characters

Vishal as an action hero proved himself to be a bankable star with his movies. His films have craze among Telugu audience.Vishal is playing the character of a military man. Abhimanyudu promises to be a be a perfect follow up to his previous movie, Detective (Thupparivaalan in Tamil), where his performance as private detective Advaita Bhushan was praised. Vishal with his athletic physique and looks is apt for roles of cops and military men. Heroine Samantha too praised him saying his look and performance in the film are definitely his best till date.

Samantha off late is in good form with hits like Raju Gari Gadhi and Mersal. She is playing the character of a doctor in Abhimanyudu. In the trailer, she looked gorgeous. Though this movie is a hero centric film, Samantha will be an asset with her performance as a doctor. 

Arjun is a known face to Telugu audience as he acted in many direct Telugu films and Through Telugu dubbing versions of his films. He turned Villain with Mani Ratnam's Kadali. Though the film failed at the box office, he got huge critical acclaim. In Abhimanyudu, Arjun is playing the role of Devil, the main antagonist. As he is known as action King, he will make for a terrific villain against Vishal. 

Music and Cinematography

Yuvan Shankar Raja scored the music for this movie. The score in the trailer is superb. Songs of this film are said to be theme based and will work with visuals. First rate background score can be expected for Abhimanyudu. 

George C. Williams was highly acclaimed for his cinematography work for Varun Tej's Tholi Prema. He is known for stunning visuals from his previous films. This thriller will be benefited by his atmospheric cinematography. The visuals looked crisp in the trailer. 

Watch this space for Abhimanyudu review and rating, be right back.