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U/A Satire May 4, 2018





Aabhasam Review & Rating

It is with a lot of expectation movie buffs have been waiting for debutant Jubith Namradath's satirical flick Aabhasam starring a bevy of artists including Rima Kallingal, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Nasser, Alencier and Sheethal Shyam among others. The posters, trailers, and other videos of the movie were promising and unlike a few of recent releases which came under the same genre showed a remarkable quality in wit and criticism. So as the movie is finally open for viewing, let's find out it is all about.

Gandhi bus of the Democracy Travels starts its journey from Banglore to Kerala, with its horde passengers that include a transwoman, a couple foreigners and a handful of Malayalis - a cross-section of the society, in fact. The driver of the Gandhi is a porn addict and he is accompanied by a lecherous cleaner. The movie chronicles a series of events that proceed during their journey which turns out to be an eventful one. From beef politics to abuse, and moral policing to sexual frustration of the average Malayali man, Aabhasam pokes a finger right in the eyes of many relevant social and political issues we as a society collectively and passively dismiss. 

It is Suraj Venjaramoodu who steals the show in Aabhasam as its anti-hero. He convincingly portrays the vices of a typical Malayali man. Rima Kallingal, Alencier Ley Lopez, and Mammukka also handle their respective roles just fine. While it is a treat to see Nasser back on the big screen after a brief gap, Seethal Shyam's role in the shoes of a transwoman breaks the stereotypes and needs a special mention. Rest of the cast have also done their job quite well.

With his maiden directorial Aabhasam, Jubith Namradath and his team call our attention into everything we are already uncomfortably familiar with. The film has nuanced dialogues, dark humor and a politics which demands a mature audience. Or is it in their intention to ruffle some feathers as well? Anyway, Aabhasam, comes across as one of the best movies in its genre. While the premise is potent and engaging, the climax fails to strike a chord. Music by Oorali and background score by score by Dev adds to the mood of the film.

Final Word: Aabhaasam is a movie that might make you uncomfortable. But it is indeed worth a watch. 

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  • Rathesh

    13 May 18 @ 8:53 AM

    This is a journey... A journey with many diverse revelations...A journey with many complex identity reflections... A journey with retaliating saffocations... I also felt that AABHAASAM is a journey with many diverse feathers, each feather, a character, with its own set of crisis... If you were able to percolate atleast 10 percentage of that essence into you... You will decidedly love AABHAASAM. 😊 

Aabhasam Preview

What Is Aabhasam About?

Aabhasam, presented by Spire Productions in association with Rajeev Ravi's Collective Phase One, is highly anticipated movie that stood out in terms its social media promotions that grabbed the attention of the audience effectively. The movie directed by debutant Jubith Namradath, narrates a sequence of interesting events Gandhi Travels, a traveler bus departing from Bangalore to Kerala, and its travelers go through. Starring Suraj Venjaramoodu and Rima Kallingal in the prime roles, the film also features actors including Indrans, Alencier Ley Lopez, Sujith Shanker, Sheethal Shyam and Abhija in important roles.

What To Expect From Aabhasam?

A Good Satire Set Against Contemporary Social And Political Landscape

Satire is a genre Malayalam cinema doesn't always banks on. Not that we don't have satires that are world class, but if look at the recent past, the Malayalam movies that comes out under this genre are either half-hearted and insipid attempts or comedy movies parading as satires with cooked up reference to contemporary politics. Jubith Namradath's Aabhasam, however, promises something really hopeful. The entire movie is set around a traveler bus and its travelers, which, according to the makers, represents the system and its perpetuators and victims. Do you feel the sting there? Wait for it.

A Refreshing And Commendable Cast 

One of the major attraction of the cast is its inclusiveness; starting from Sooraj and Rima, to transgender actor Sheethal Shyam, differently-abled Thasvi, and a two foreigners, Jubith has picked a brilliant cast which could makes the characters convincing. Sooraj Venjaramoodu is one of the seasoned actors out there and Rima Kallingal has proved her capability to pull strong and independent characters a couple of times already. Alencier, Indrans and Nasser Watch out for some finest performances.

Music By Oorali Band

If you are familiar with the independent music scene in Kerala, you might know that Oorali is not just another band. This 6 member band which doesn't belong to a particular genre is one of the best of its kind with soulful music, visually appealing gig and songs that speaks and sometimes protest about the current political and social scenario. And for a movie like Aabhasam, Oorali makes the perfect match. 

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