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ABCD (Telugu) Review

U May 17, 2019





ABCD (Telugu) Review & Rating


ABCD - American Born Confused Desi Review: Not A Compulsive Watch

The premise

American Born Confused Desi could be any of the people whose origins are in the Indian Subcontinent and a second generation person. They neither get the Indian (or their country of origin) look right nor or they able to mingle with the American as Americans should be. They are found by the first generation Indian Americans (Not to be confused with American Indians - the natives of that land in actuality) to be lacking in cultural finesse. With this in mind, let's explore what's in store for us with Allu Sirish starrer ABCD. 

The story

Aravind aka Avi and Bala Shanmugham aka Basha are cousins and jigini dosts. They are the eponymous ABCDs. They have no mission in life except enjoying the amenities that come with their lavish style supported by their well-settled parents in the US. As time passes, Aravind's father Vidya Prasad gets fed up with his son's antics and the troubles he brings. 

So, to get rid of him and to teach him a strong lesson (in order to help make him a better person), Aravind's father hatches a plan and sends Aravind and Basha to India. Once they land in India, he freezes all their bank accounts and credit cards. This leads to a lot of trouble for the youngsters. 

Around the same time, a young businessman wants to become a minister and makes moves. But his chemical factory (as we have seen in several films) causes trouble to the people in a slum area. It is in the same slum that our heroes land. Aravind's father strikes a deal with him. He has to lead a lower-middle-class life and learn to adjust with an allowance of 5000 rupees a month. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Neha (obviously the heroine). 

As time passes by, Avi slowly but steady makes himself a name with the people around him and stands up for them against the young politician/businessman Bhargav. But An astute businessman doesn't leave people who stand against them. How Avi and basha solve the problems of the slum dwellers and complete their personal mission of completing their MBA and get back to their home as heroes form the rest of the story. 

The performances

Allu Sirish tried his best to make his character of ABCD tick but he failed to bring out proper emotions. Though he is marginally better in comedy scenes, he is dominated by the experienced Bharath (formerly Master Bharath). We have already seen similar roles played by even experienced actors but image factor might play spoilsport. But lacking any sort of image made the audience not to be able to connect with his character. If his acting is on 'excellent' levels, things would have gone a different way. 

Bharath is terrific in the role of Bala Shanmugham aka Basha. Though his character is undercooked and the dialogues are not up to scratch, he made it work with his comic timing and also helped cover Sirish's deficiencies. Rukshar Dhillon of Krishnanjaneya Yuddham fame is good in her role but she has nothing much to do.

Raja Chembolu (son of Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry) received a meaty role as a young politician. He did well within the limitations. But his character is not written properly and the characterization appears artificial. Though Vennela Kishore has a very few scenes, he remains a show-stealer with his hilarious comedic act as an anchor who hosts the show Koffee With Kishore. Naga Babu did a routine job. 

Writing and direction

The story of the film has potential but the narration has taken a beating. Though there is enough comedy in the film, not every setpiece worked as expected. While the first half is aimless, the major incidents that happen in the second half lack emotional depth. The direction by Sanjeev Reddy is okayish without any spark. The screenplay of the film is pretty average. the same comment is heard with the original Malayalam film. But the charisma of Dulquer helped take the film to the next level. 

The crew

The music of the movie is average. The song Mella Mellaga which was a hit before the release of the film isn't picturized with conviction. The background score also didn't work properly. The cinematography is good. It lacked the vibrancy that should be a feature of a youthful entertainer. The editing is not good. The narration incoherencies in certain portions could be covered with editing but that was not the case. The production design is okayish. The production values are good. 


ABCD - American Born Confused Desi turned out to be a disappointment. What could have been a moving/engaging inspirational story is given a shorthand treatment. You can watch it if you have no other options. After all, it's not a bad film. But not a compulsive watch. 


  • Vennela Kishore episodes
  • Basic story
  • The comedy bonding between Sirish and Bharath


  • Lack of emotional depth
  • Villain thread could have been treated a bit better

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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ABCD (Telugu) Live Updates & Public Talk

ABCD aka American Born Confused Desi is the film on which Allu Sirish has pinned all his hopes on. The Madhura Sridhar production is the official Telugu remake of Dulquer Salmaan starrer of the same name. ABCD hits the screens today and with the premieres and early morning shows already coming to an end, the film received a mixed talk. The comedy generated in the first half, and the performances of the lead actors. But the narration of the film is said to be not that good. 

The movie runs very slowly. A few comedy scenes involving the now grownup Master Bharath are good. The general setup of the story of the film is also said to be okayish but the film has boring moments every now and then. The story takes a more serious turn in the second half, however, the emotional scenes could not make an impact. 

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ABCD (Telugu) Preview

What is ABCD About? 

American Born Confused Desi! Or ABCD. The official Telugu remake of the Malayalam cult blockbuster of the same title starring Dulquer Salmaan and Jacob Gregory. Produced by Madhura Sreedhar Reddy and Yash Rangineni, the Allu Sirish-Rukshar Dhillon starrer Ladies and gentleman fame Sanjeev Reddy. 

ABCD concerns that life of a couple of American born Telugu youth who are apparently good for nothing and enjoy a lavish lifestyle sponsored by their rich parents. When Allu Sirish's father played by Naga Babu feds up with his behavior which created a lot of trouble, he sens his son to India (Hyderabad) with a scheme. This leads to many comical troubles for our protagonists. 

ABCD Promises

Fun entertainer with a strong satire

The original film is a satire on the media and on the general behavior of American born confused desies who are the second generation Indian Americans (the word is generally applied to all South Asians). When two such guys who are more Americanized than their parents who were generally born and brought up in India before settling in the States. 

In the film, our protagonists are two spoilt brats who have every quality that doesn't keep their parents assured of their individual development. Hence they are sent on a vacation to India but with an actual plan to make them learn through suffering what life really means. The comedy of confusion of different lifestyle in India, the way people behave and their having to live with a meager allowance of just 5000 rupees per month.  All this leads to a lot of situational humor. 

Allu Sirish in combo with a grown-up Master Bharath

Allu Sirish has till now played somewhat serious roles in Telugu. The young Allu scion who has also had a Malayalam film to his credit has for the first time trying his hand in an out and out humor film. He is teaming up with highly successful young comedy actor Master Bharath who literally ruled Tollywood comedyscape as a child artiste. Bharath is now grown up but it appears that he hasn't lost his mojo for both physical and dialogue humor. Rukshar Dhillon of Krishnarjuna Yuddham fame plays the female lead. 

Team assembled by Madhura Sridhar

Noted producer Madhura Sreedhar Reddy of Madhura Entertainment who bankrolls ABCD has roped in some of the bright talents for this film. While Sanjeev Reddy who also directed the Bollywood film, Login. Newcomer Judah Sandhy composes the musical score for this film. 

Another newcomer Raam handles the cinematography and has given a vibrant youthful feel for the film. Senior actor Naga Babu has a crucial role to play as Allu Sirish, his nephew in real life. With all this, ABCD promises to be a film to keep an eye this weekend. 

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