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Street Dancer Review

Dance Jan 24, 2020





Street Dancer Review & Rating

Street Dancer 3D Review: An Oh So, Dance film Which partially Entertains

The premise

Two rival teams fight it off in a dance competition because each of them has a set of highly talented dancers. We know what happens in the end. 

A boy and a girl lead those gangs. We certainly know that the girl is arrogant. And the boy is mild in his nature. We know what happens next. 

Then there is Prabhu Deva as a former dancer. We know that he gets a dance number where he tries to mimic Michael Jackson in his own desi way. 

A grand finale, coming of age drama, and the lecture that love is what matters the most. And of course, a few really good to a few just filling the screen-time dance sequences. 

The story

Inayat is the girl whose confidence in her ability and beauty borders on arrogance. As she is the heroine of the film, we need to like her and think of her attitude as cute. Sahej is her rival street dancer in London whose ineptitude should be treated as soft nature. Though they respect each other on the surface level, Inayat secretly wishes to beat Sahej in dance by hook or crook. He harbors the same wish. What starts off as a harmless rivalry between two excellent dancers, takes the form of something bigger than themselves. And peaks in the climactic dance duel for a lifetime. 


Shraddha Kapoor is sexy and did very well when it comes to histrionics. She tried her best to keep her grace in dance moments and was successful to an extent. There is no much character development. It's just a generic heroine role in films such as this. Varun Dhawan relished in a role where he can showcase his athletic abilities in the form of dances. He improved in his performance in terms of histrionics but his character is so ubiquitous to this genre that there is no newness. 

It is Nora Fatehi who steals the show and received a proper role in this film. Her Mia is that of a glamorous diva and she oozed the stardom quite well. Right from the styling to the movements given to her and even her walking style add to the character and she appeared that enjoyed playing it. Dancers who turned actors like Salman Yusuf Khan, Dharmesh Yelande, et al played their roles in a decent manner. Prabhu Deva is given another generic role and did well. The recreation of Muqabla doesn't have the punch of the original and is wasted big time. But it's not bad though. 

The story

The story of this film is as new as the debates on Jesus Christ's relationship with Mary Magdalene. The narration is as innovative as the design of a Realme smartphone. So, taking them out of the equation, we have to ask one question. Are the on-screen proceedings at least not boring? Yes. The on-screen proceedings are not boring. The lead pair is charming. Most of the dances are good. Numerous dance forms are showcased - Jazz, Contemporary, Afro, Krump, Locking and Popping, Animation Tutting, Urban, Slow-Mo. 

The crew

There is nothing much to write about the music of a film where every other song is a reference to another song from the past and all the songs are like an excuse to have a dance sequence. The background score is okayish. The cinematography is colorful. The visuals are glossy as well as have a raw feel pertaining to the street dancer world. The editing of the film is good in the sense that every song/dance number is stitched to a scene leading to the next song/dance number. The art department has done a tremendous job of recreating the world of dancers and the network is excellent. Production values are expectedly good. 


Street dancer 3D is like a new-age teenager. It is what it is. The film has its own attitude. But conforms to all the norms of the genre just like if the group smokes, the one teenager too smokes. And that same teenager drinks because the friends drink. You can watch it for some amazing dance numbers and because the film is not exactly boring. Else, just wait till some of the amazing dance numbers anyway appear online within a couple of months. 


  • Well choreographed dance set-pieces
  • Charismatic lead pair


  • A story right out of BCE
  • As predictable as sun rises in the east

Khelo Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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  • Mani

    4 Feb 20 @ 12:10 PM

    Da Na ore vaati un life la la la

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