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U/A Drama, Suspense, Thriller 2 hrs 21 mins Aug 24, 2018





Aatagallu Review & Rating


Aatagallu Review: Nothing To Write About

A combination for ages! Two actors who are at the top of their games clash as opponents in a movie. Nara Rohit who has made himself a name as an actor who comes up with different movies. Yes. Right from his debut in Baanam, he had delivered films with a strong subject. Now, he is joined in Aatagallu (means players) by the favorite villain of the Teluguland, Jagapathi Babu aka Jaggu Bhai. Naturally, expectations reached the sky. And it is a thriller, a rare genre still in Telugu. 

Senior director (not in numbers though) Paruchuri Murali directs this aptly titled film apart from writing it. Some of the experienced hands like Brahmanandam, Subbaraju played important roles while the new face Darshana Banik debuts in Telugu with this film. It is basically a murder mystery. But what makes the audience go to the theatres is the combination or rather the clash of Nara Rohit and Jagapathi Babu.

The story of Aatagallu revolves around Siddharth, a film director, who is arrested for the murder of his wife. Siddharth has an ambition of making a film(s) on Mahabharatha. During the research for that project, he meets Anjali played by the debutant Darshana Banik. Obviously, they fall in love and quickly get married as this is a thriller and not a love story. Then one day, she is brutally murdered. Siddharth is arrested. 

Veerendra, a highly reputed criminal lawyer, played by Jagapathi Babu stands for justice. He takes the case up and gets Siddharth released. A man named Munna is booked for Anjali's murder. But in a sudden twist, Veerendra tries to kill Siddharth. Why? What is the relationship between Siddharth and Veerendra? Who really killed Anjali for the rest of the story.

The direction by Paruchuri Murali is pedestrian. The screenplay though starts with a punch, goes haywire as the proceedings progress. But the way he created interest on the second half and the scenes involving (both of them present on screen) Nara Rohit and Jagapathi Babu are terrific. Unfortunately, they are very few in number. As it is a murder mystery and an investigation takes place, not every scene contain both of these players. But the cat and mouse game shows the potential the story has. 

Jagapathi Babu is at the top of the game as the criminal lawyer who wants to kill the hero whom he helped get released. The dialogue delivery, screen presence, and body language all are on display and prove why he is such an actor in demand in his second coming. Nara Rohit though failed to make an impact in the first half, takes the proceedings of the second half into his hands. There he shines brightly.

Darshana Banik as the victim of a murder and the wife of a film director has nothing to do in the movie. Within a few minutes of the beginning of the film, we know she's dead. But her screen presence is good and appeared glamorous on the screen. She can act from what little we have seen on the screen. Brahmanandam is wasted in a stale role. The comedy between him and Nara Rohit come as a speed breaker to the narration. Subbaraju is terrific in the role of a bad cop. Rest didn't do what was required of them properly. 

The music by Sai Karthik is mediocre. The background score is over the top. The cinematography by Vijay C. Kumar is good. The mood he created with the lighting tried to cover the directorial flaws. Editing could have been better. All the scenes with Brahmanandam should have been chopped off without mercy. But that would have been an injustice for such a legend. They shouldn't have written those comedy scenes in the first place. Production values are grand.

All in all, Aatagallu is an interesting combination gone wasted because of mediocre execution. Apart from Nara Rohit and Jagapathi Babu, there's nothing to show for the movie. Avoidable fare. 


+Cat and mouse game between Jagapathi Babu and Nara Rohit
-Mediocre direction
-Bland narration
-Stale comedy
-Below average music

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Aatagallu Live Updates & Public Talk

Aatagallu is banking on an interesting combination of lead actors and the experience of the director Paruchuri Murali. That Jagapathi Babu vs Nara Rohit is not enough, what can satiate the appetite for proper thriller movies? The movie hits the theatres and the audience are curious as to how the movie fares. The general response to the movie is negative and some of the viewers expressed their anguish in a funny way. There are some mildly positive reviews though. All is not lost. 

The movie is said to be outdated with no novelty factor whatsoever. Even the performances of Jagapathi Babu and Nara Rohit could not lift the movie from the rut. Aatagallu is a disappointing outing after raising expectations with a superb trailer. Very weak narration in the first half killed the interest in watching the movie. Nara Rohit and Jaggu Bhai are good in their roles as are some scenes in the second half. Lack of thrill factor and cliched comedy made the film fail with the audience. 

Watch this space for more Aatagallu public talk, and live updates. 

Aatagallu Preview

What Is Aatagallu About?

Aatagaallu which translates as Players is the title of this unexpected multistarrer featuring Nara Rohit and Jagapati Babu in the lead roles. But the trailer has made it clear that they will be playing mind games overtaking each other in various situations. For the brilliant actors, they are one can expect an epic clash of performances trying to dominate each other. Coming to the story, the makers have revealed very fewer details about the basic plot but it is revealed that the story revolves a murder.

What To Expect From Aatagallu?

Scintillating Performances

Jagapathi Babu is in top form in his second innings and he has been playing crucial character roles and dangerous villain roles. Being in the film industry for over 2 and a half decades, he surely knows to portray complicated roles. In this film, he plays a criminal lawyer and we might get to see one more dimension of this fantastic actor.

Nara Rohit has been consistently growing as an actor ever since his debut film, Banam. He has emerged as one of the reliable young actors of Telugu cinema. Going by the trailer, his role is a bit gray shaded one and he has managed to leave his impact with a few minutes of his presence in the trailer. Apart from these 2 actors who play the lead roles, there are a bunch of experienced and talented actors such as Brahmanandam and Subbarahu.

Interesting Script and Screenplay

Nara Rohit has time and again proved that he is not going to come up with routine scripts. Though some of his films failed commercially he has never stopped experimenting with new scripts. Going by his track record, we can be sure that Aatagallu also has a unique script. The screenplay of the film written by Paruchuri Murali seems to be very interesting according to the trailer. The to and fro narration has also peeked the interest of movie lovers. One has to wait and see how the screenplay is written around a murder with a film director and a criminal lawyer being the major characters in the film.

Music By Sai Kartheek

Sai Karthik has been one of the underrated music directors of Tollywood throughout his career but he has proved his worth with some big ticket films like Supreme and Raja The Great. He is the music director for this film and as he gives a minimum guarantee stuff even in the worst case, we can expect him to do a pretty good job with this film.

Paruchuri Murali's Experience

Paruchuri Murali is a well-known writer and he also directed a few films like Gopichand's Andhrudu and Balakrishna's Adhinayakudu. He is making his comeback as a director after a huge gap of 6 years. Though his films like Nee Sneham and Andhrudu received critical acclaim, they were not hugely successful at the box office. But he has done a fair job as a director and scriptwriter. Being such an experienced writer and director who has spent a lot of time on the film, we can expect his experience come into play in this movie.