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Aatagadharaa Siva Review

Drama Jul 20, 2018





Aatagadharaa Siva Review & Rating


Aatagadharaa Siva Review: A Novel Take On Human Values

What happens when a prisoner who has escaped death and the man who was to have hanged him unexpectedly travel together without knowing each other? It is the premise of Chandra Siddhartha's latest offering Aatagadharaa Siva. The movie stars new to Telugu audience, Doddanna, and debut hero Uday Shankar. 

The movie is a remake of the Kannada film Rama Rama Ramare. Chandra Siddhartha who is sensible films like Aa Naluguru, Andari Bandhuvaya etc. selected a novel subject and improvised it fo Telugu remake. With mostly unknown actors, he tries to narrate the movie in a philosophical way right from the title. Let's see how the director fares with Aatagadhara Siva review.

Baabjee is a sentenced for death prisoner. But just a few days before his punishment, he escapes from the prison. On his way to escape, he joins a person on a journey. He is the executioner of Baabjee, Jangayya. The police announce a cash prize of 10 lakhs for those who catch the prisoner. What happens on the journey of Baabjee and Jangayya and if Jangayya knows that Baabjee who is the escaped prisoner forms the rest of the story. 

Doddanna who played the role of a Thalari or the executioner of the prison is a natural actor. His expressions and body language match that of such a person as Jangayya. Udayshankar as the escaped prisoner is great in the role. His acting, appearance, and body language are that of an escaped prisoner. You can see only Baabjee and Jangayya, not the actors. 

Chandra Siddhartha narrated the film in a realistic manner. As he had not deviated from the main storyline of the film, the movie generally moves in a serious path. So, to add a bit of relief in the form of comedy, the director came up with the subplot of Hyper Aadi which elicits few laughs from the audience. Rest of the cast did a fine job. The scenes between Udayshankar and Doddanna are well shot. 

The dialogues and the screenplay are very good. But the film may not appeal to the general section of the audience who wants to watch entertaining films. But it will be liked by those who want to watch different films with a novel subject matter. 

The music by Vasuki Vaibhav is good and the songs are good. The song Hey Krishna is cut from the movie for length issues. The cinematography by Lavith is atmospheric. Production values by Rockline Entertainments are good. The producer Rockline Venkatesh should be commended for coming up with such a film. 

On a whole, Aatagadharaa Siva is an offbeat film that may not appeal for those who want entertainment. But it may appeal to those who watch serious and concept based films. 

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  • Satya

    20 Jul 18 @ 10:30 AM

Aatagadharaa Siva Live Updates & Public Talk

Chandra Siddharth has made some of the best feel-good films and his movies have been successful in impressing the audience most of the times if not every time. Now, he has come up with Aatagadhara Siva which has unpopular faces as actors and relatively new technicians. But he is supported by Rockline Entertainments banner which is one of the top production houses of Tollywood. After an intriguing trailer and a series of character posters, the film managed to grab our attention. Aatagadhara Siva has released today and this is what the audience is saying about the film.

Stay tuned for more public talk and live updates of Aatagadhara Siva.

Aatagadharaa Siva Preview

What is Aatagadaraa Siva about?

Aatagadaraa Siva is the creation of Chandra Siddharth is the tale of a hangman and a fugitive and the relation between them. Aatagadaraa Siva is produced by Rockline Venkatesh who had the credit of producing a movie like Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Aaatagadaraa Siva created expectations with its intense trailer.

It is the story of a convict who escapes from the gallows and accidentally meets the broker who wants him to be sentenced to death and they travel together without knowing their identities. The story revolves around the experiences that they face together. 

What to expect from Aatagadaraa Siva?

Chandra Siddharth direction

Chandra Siddharth is one of the few directors in Telugu who had made movies with a strong emotional story base with human values at the core. With movies like Aa Naluguru, Andari Bandhuvaya, he proved himself capable of narrating soulful stories. With Aatagadaraa Siva, he promises an intense human drama. 

Intense human drama

Aatagadaraa Siva story revolves around how a convict, who was sentenced to death, escapes from prison and the experiences that he undergoes thereafter. The film is about fate and destiny and is based on the dictum: without Lord Shiva’s will, even an ant cannot move and the entire world is a stage and God’s playground. 

Such a philosophical tale is made into an emotional human drama by Chandra Siddhartha who now comes up with new faces so that the audience can watch only the characters, not the actors. 

Production values 

Aatagadaraa Siva is made by Rockline Venkatesh on his production banner Rockline Entertainments. He is known for films like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Linga, Power, Upendra's Super etc. He had produced a diverse range of films. Aatagadaraa Siva is surely to have beautiful visuals with a gritty atmosphere. 

Watch this space for Aatagadaraa Siva review, rating, and analysis. Be right back!