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U/A Biopics, Drama 2 hrs 35 mins Feb 9, 2018





Aami Review & Rating


Kamal directorial Aami, starring Manju Warrier in the titular role is a movie that has been constantly in limelight for all kinds of reasons. The movie is a biopic of one of the most revered and equally controversial writers Madhavikutti aka Kamala Das who challenged the quasi-intellectual Kerala and its pseudo-culture throughout her life. Murali Gopi, Anoop Menon, Tovino Thomas, KPAC Lalitha and Lena among others appear in the prominent roles of Aami which hit screens amidst so many anticipations and high expectations. Let's find out how well Kamal has captured the nuances of our beloved writer. 

Kamal has sketched an intimate and poetic account of Madhavikutti in Aami journeying across her life starting from her childhood spent between Calcutta and her ancestral home Nalapattu House to the later stages of her life as a woman and writer befriend by controversies and complexities of all sorts. It is rather evident that the filmmaker has depended on writer's own body of work which is highly confessional and autobiographical in nature. 

Rating - from  filmibeat

ami flows at its own pace and the long duration might be considered as a slight negative by some....

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Manju Warrier who stars in the titular role of Aami has graced her character with sound and vivid performance. Watching her as Aami, one could almost agree with director Kamal in casting her for the roles unless her makeover for the role has been taken over the charisma of her acting at parts. Another major performance in the film comes from Murali Gopi, who appears as Madhavikutti's lovable husband who is elder to her by 20 years. He has perfectly enacted the role with all the subtle and complex nuances such a role demanded. Tovino, Anoop Menon, and KPAC Lalitha have also carried their respective characters well while other who appears on screen from time to time including actress Lena has done a good job in their roles.

Rating 2.5 from  manoramaonline

In between, what is lost is the poetic yet troublesome life of the woman who was always a darling...

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The frames of Aami brilliantly captured by the Madhu Neelakandan is a beauty to look at. But Kamal loses his balance in staging the scenes without much drama in it. M Jayachandran, as music the music composer, has an excellent task. His soulful scores enhance the depth and beauty of the scenes making it a very pleasing experience for the viewer.

Coming to the direction part, Kamal definitely deserves his credit for beautifully executing the difficult task of making a movie around a contemporary figure set against a backdrop that is very much contemporary and tumult. It is apparent that so much care has gone into narrating the parts where controversies and complexities are dealt with; he often escorts to writer's own words to escape further controversies. 

Rating 3.5 from  indiatimes

Manju pulls off another competent act and rises to the occasion by emoting well the various moods...

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Final Verdict: Aami could have been a classic biopic of the love queen of Malabar, if the maker of the movie hadn't limited it to a reflection her own words, maintaining the ambiguity and uncertainty its tones and analogy. Nevertheless, it is an enjoyable film with its own share of brilliance and flaws. 

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  • La

    9 Feb 18 @ 4:25 PM

    Kamal's Aami is a tenable biopic of Kamala Das aka Madhavikutti with its fair share of flaws. But the director has erected the movie in a way in which the flaws are overpowered by a desirable standard it keeps. Manju Warrier who appears as Aami has put forth a sound performance in her role. However, her makeup and looks are mostly exaggerated and often lackluster. The frames by Madhu Neelakandan is quite beautiful but one can't justify the stagy and theatrical abience of it. Murali Gopi as Madhavadas nails his character perfectly while Tovino and Anoop Menon along with rest of the cast have delivered a good performance in Aami. Overall, a good watch!

  • Mosharrof

    12 Feb 18 @ 7:24 PM


  • Srinivas

    9 Feb 18 @ 4:36 PM

Aami Live Updates & Public Talk

Aami, the much-anticipated Kamal directorial, is hitting the marquee today amidst lots of hype and hoopla as well as controversies. Starring Manju Warrier in the titular role, the movie is touted to be the biopic of Madhavikutti, who is one of the much loved and equally despised Malayalam writers and whose oeuvre is undisputably admired and revered across the world. The life and works of Madhavikutti alias Aami had been constantly caught in controversies and the movie has also triggered up quite a few squabbles even before the release. Post-release the movie is anticipated to run to tough waters as the right wing in Kerala has made it already clear that they are not very pleased with the whole idea of this biopic. 

However, there many cinephiles and literature buffs who are looking forward to the movie with great expectations. Have a look at the Tweets below.

One of the greatest worries that hung over Aami, is whether or not Manju Warrier matches the persona of Madhavikutti which is etched in the heart of the audience, all thanks to her intense and confessional works. After all, it wasn't that long the writer bid her adieu to the world. Looking at the first reactions, it seems the makers have managed to portray the story of Aami in the most convincing way and Manju Warrier has struck a good chord with the audience as Aami with her soulful and sincere performance.

Going by the reports from the audience that are pouring in for Aami, the movie is likely to have a good fare at the theatres starting from today. The major highlight of the movie is Manju Warrier's strong performance which is backed by pleasing visuals by Madhu Neelakandan and the befitting music by M Jayachandran. Murali Gopi performance as title character Madhavikutti's husband who is 20 years older to her is also garnering very positive reports from the part of the audience. The rest of the cast including Anoop Menon, Tovino Thomas, KPSC Lalitha and Lena have carried their respective roles convincingly. 


Finally, it seems Kamal's Aami is capable of laying off all the uncertainties and the suspicions its not-so-well-made trailer presented to the audience. The movie, according to the FDF viewers, despite having certain lags here and there is a watchable and enjoyable one that justifies its tag-biopic. Moreover, Madhu Neelakandan's frames and M Jayachandran music makes it very pleasing visual treat. 

Aami Preview

What Is Aami About? 

Aami directed by Kamal is touted to be a biopic of late legendary Malayalam writer and eminent poet Kamala Surayya who is equally popular by the names Aami, Madhavikutti, and Kamala Das. A writer of great dexterity, she wrote extensively in Malayalam and English and her vivid and turbulent writings, as well as life, were accompanied by controversies throughout. Manju Warrier stars in the titular role of Aami as Kamala Surayya while Murali Gopi, Tovino Thomas, and Anoop Menon appear in other pivotal roles. The movie is presented under Reel and Real Motion Pictures by P Raphael and Roban Rocha. 

What To Expect From Aami?

  • Manju Warrier in a refreshing and novel role

Manju Warrier is an actress who has made many characters memorable with the flair and finesse of her performance. Since her remarkable comeback to the big screen in 2014, the actress was seen donning roles of the similar shades; well-tailored characters displaying a certain bravado. Manju Warrier's character in Aami is touted to be one which has many shades and more depth than any of her recent roles. It has to be seen on screen whether or not Manju matches the familiar persona of Kamala Surayya which the audience are very much acquainted with. But, looking at the trailer and video songs, one can definitely tell that Manju as Aami would indeed be a treat to watch.

  • Memorable performance by Manju Warrier and Tovino Thomas

Manju Warrier and Tovino Thomas as sharing screens for the first time. Nothing much is known about Tovino's character in the movie, except that it is an extended cameo, crucial to the story. It is apparent from the trailer and video songs that both characters share a close and intimate relationship and the actors are seen maintaining an exceptionally amazing chemistry in those scenes. Anoop Menon and Murali Gopi also appear in pivotal roles in Aami, and the movie is sure to leave behind some memorable performance by the lead actors.

  • A splendid visual treat enhanced by soulful music 

Aami has ace cinematographer Madhu Neelakandan capturing the visuals reminiscent of Kamala Suryya's admirable writings and her remarkable life which was spent in Calcutta between her ancestral house Nalappat. Throughout the trailer and the songs of Aami, the frames are bathed in the charisma of rustic Calcutta and the serene beauty of Punnayurkulam. The soulful music by veteran music composer M Jayachandran adds more charm and beauty to the visuals. Watch out for some charming frames and good music.

  • And controversies, of course

Controversies had always been an ally of Kamala Surayya alias Aami. Her writings, as well as life, was severely criticized and even attacked for the strong and unapologetic stances she took. And so when a movie is made on such a persona, controversies are nothing short of natural. The right-wing has already made its displeasure on the biopic clear and as soon as the trailer released a petition has been filed to stall the release mentioning it glorifies Love Jihad. And post the release, the movie is sure to light up a bevy of contentions. One can only hope, considering the intolerance prevailing in the air right now, it passes soon.

Stay tuned for our Critic Reviews, Top reviews and more updates on Aami Malayalam movie.