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Aalorukkam Review

U Drama Apr 6, 2018





Aalorukkam Review & Rating

Written by the director VC Abhilash, Aalorukkam is bankrolled by Jolly Lolappan for Jollywood Movies. The movie revolves around the life of an old father who goes on in search of his long-lost son. Sreekanth Menon, Vishnu Agasthya, Shaji M Maruthayathu, Seetha Bala, Deepak Jayapraksh, Sreshma Vijayan and Baby Thraya form the supporting cast of Aalorukkam while Ronnie Raphel composes the music and Samlal P Thomas handles the cinematography and Vishnu Kalyani forms the part of the crew as editor. Check below for the review below.

Indrans takes over everything in Aalorukkam. The actor essaying Pappu Pisharody, a father who is in search of his long-lost son is serious and witty at the same time. The movie travels through his witty small talks, childish behaviour he projects to the outer world. Indrans as the Thullal artist sets his journey but meets an accident. Pappu Pisharody limits himself to a wheelchair and somewhere on the course, he wears a serious and moody veil. With the help of a doctor and a journalist, The Thullal artist finds his son and the plot takes a twist that gives Indrans a shock. The news of his missing son transformed into a woman lashes at the old man's thoughts and philosophy of living and its been written and captured very naturally. As natural as any old man living his old ways gets shocked, Pappu's thoughts also ran too slow to accept what he has heard. Srikanth's character as Priyanka adds strength to the screenplay and the true intentions of the story. Priyanka's and her father Pappu's silence in knowing each other plays a pivotal role in Aalorukkam and the director has been successful in bringing out what he had to. 

The performance of Indrans and Srikanth Menon tops in the movie. VC Abhilash as a director and writer does a brilliant job in portraying the elements of love and relationship between Pappu and the transgender with no boring stereotypes. The characters that every actor performed had a soul and life and they performed it exceptionally. Aalorukkam will give the audience a mixed feel of emotions and It is a treat to watch Indrans perform Pappu Pisharody to its full. With the music by Ronnie flowing in line with the story and Pappu Pisharody takes the complex situations to another height.

Final Verdict: Aalorukkam is a true attempt to break a stereotype of the society through cinema with a package of awesome performances.

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