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Aadu 2 Review

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Aadu 2 Review & Rating


Aadu 2, which is one of the most awaited movies among the Christmas releases and one of the most-anticipated sequels of the year, is finally hitting screens today. Produced by Vijay Babu under Friday Film House banner, and directed by Mithun Manuel Thomas, Aadu 2 is a sequel to director's debut movie Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeevi Aanu aka Aadu; a box office flop which went on to become a torrent hit and later achieved a cult comedy status among the Malayali cinephiles. The movie has almost all the actors from the prequel reprising their respective characters including Jayasurya, Sunny Wayne, Vinayakan, Indrans, Vijay Babu, Saiju Kurupp, Dharmajan, Harikrishnan, and Bhagath Manuel. Anson Paul who is a new addition to the cast appears as the antagonist of Aadu 2. If Aadu was all about the little lamb Pinky and Dude's pursuit of Neelakoduveli intertwined with some other interesting incidents, what saga Aadu 2 has in store? Will it be a successful sequel to a much-loved comedy satire? Well, Let's find out.

Aadu 2 could be rightly said as a celebration of the much-loved Aadu characters like Shaji Pappan, Lolan, Dude and Sasi Aasan. The movie begins with the present life of Shaji Pappan and his gang and the rest of the characters. The story takes an interesting turn, like in Aadu, when Shaji Papan and team wins another tug of war contest. But this time it is some monetary issues and a missing golden cup is what sets them on fire. 

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Director Midhun Manuel Thomas does great work as the director, and the movie is also pleasant to ...

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Jayasurya has reprised his role as Shajipappan with utmost perfection and bravado. The rest of the cast, be it Vinayakan who plays the henchmen Dude or Vijay Babu who appears as Sarbath Shameer or Indrans who plays Sasi Aasan, has effectively reprised their respective roles. The actors like Mamookaya, Anson Paul, Baiju, Baiju and Nasreen who are the new addition to the cast, has done their part just fine. Altogether, the cast has made Aadu 2 a thoroughly entertaining watch than its prequel with their stunning and uninhibited performances.

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Mithun Manuel Thomas, the writer and the director of the movie, is successful in helming an out-and-out comedy entertainer which is also an endearing sequel to his debut directorial Aadu. He deserves an appaluse for bringing in more depth to the characters, making the whole sequel an entertaining and exciting affair despite the shallow plot through fine humor and flamboyance. Shaan Rahman, who scored the music for the movie, has helped the movie retain its tempo at many parts. He is nothing short of champ in setting the mood right for the scenes while Vishnu Narayanan's cinematography and Lijo Paul's editing works in favor of it.

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Final Verdict: Aadu 2 is an exciting watch for Aadu fans while it is no short of an entertaining movie for anyone with a fine sense of humor. 

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Aadu 2 User Reviews

  • Nithin

    12 Jun 18 @ 5:32 PM

  • Abhishek

    25 Dec 17 @ 6:45 PM

    A wonderfull comedy entertainer......Christmas winner

Aadu 2 Live Updates & Public Talk

Jayasurya and team have decided to come up with the sequel of 2015 super hit comedy film Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeevi Aanu. And the result is Aadu 2 which has hit the screens today. The trailer caught the attention of movie lovers and Jayasurya's look and costumes from the film went viral. As the early morning shows come to an end, the audience are Tweeting about the film which are mostly positive. Check out the Public Talk of Aadu 2 below.

As the noon shows in India come to an end, Aadu 2 is getting super hit reports from the audience. The movie is being praised for its hilarious comedy and Jayasurya's performance is said to be one of the major highlights of the film. The thin storyline seems to be a negative point in the film. See the latest Tweets about Aadu 2 below;

By the end of the day, Aadu 2 has settled down with a blockbuster talk. The movie is said to be one of the best comedy entertainers of the year and way better than the first part. The first half of the film and climax fight scene are being said as the major positive factors of the film. The movie started with Housefull shows all over Kerala and is set for a superb opening weekend. See the latest  Tweets about Aadu 2.

Aasu 2 ends the day 1 with super positive reports from the audience and with houseful shows in many areas. The audience are loving the movie so much that midnight shows have been added in many screens. Jayasuriya and team's effort to provide a wholesome entertainer for the Christmas weekend is being appreciated. See the Tweets of the audience to know more.

That's it for the Public Talk, Live Updates and Tweet reviews of Aadu 2 movie.

Aadu 2 Preview

What Is It About?

Aadu 2, directed by Mithun Manuel Thomas, is the sequel to his 2015 comedy satire Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeevi Aanu. The movie has Jayasuriya in the lead, reprising his role from the first part, as Shajipappan. The actors including Sunny Wayne, Vinayakan, Indrans, Vijay Babu, Saiju Kurupp, Dharmajan, Harikrishnan, and Bhagath Manuel also reprise their respective roles from the prequel in Aadu 2 while the only addition to the cast is said to be Anson Paul who appears as the protagonist in the movie. Vijay Babu has bankrolled the movie under Friday Film House banner.

What To Expect?

  • A real treat to 'Aadu' fans

Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeevi Aanu was box office failure which went on to become a popular torrent hit, with its characters achieving a cult status among the viewers. And hence, a sequel to it which has all the characters from the prequel would be nothing short of a treat to the viewers. The only question that has to be seen whether it matches or outmatches the first part.

  • Some impressive performance

Aadu 2, like its prequel, has some of the leading actors of M'town including Jayasurya, Vinayakan, and Sunny Wayne. One of the major highlights of the movie would be their combination scenes and it is indeed something to look forward to.

  • Loads of slapstick humor

Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeevi Aanu was a perfect entertainer which gave prominence to humor and style. And from the looks of the trailer, Aadu 2 has its share of humor and jokes for anyone who really want to ROFL. 

  • Shaan Rahman music

Shaan Rahman is at his creative best recently and all his recent songs are hits among the music lovers. Aadu 2, has music scored by this young talent and the movie is bound to have some fine tunes that everyone can relish.