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Aadu 2 Full Movie

U Comedy, Satire 2 hrs 40 mins Dec 22, 2017
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Aadu 2 Story

Director: Mithun Manuel Thomas

Cast: Jayasurya as Shaji Pappan, Vinayakan as Dude, Sunny Wayne as Satan Saviour, Indrans as PP Sasi, Vijay Babu as Sarbath Shameer and Saiju Kurup as Arackal Abu

Shaji Pappan now lives an almost peaceful life despite his persistent back pain with his mother, niece, and Pinky. He does farming for a living and his gang combining Arackal Abu, Captain Cleetus, Bastin Pathrose, and Lolan help him with the chores. 

However, Pappan finds himself in a tough situation when he threw one of the policemen who insisted on checking his vehicle which was carrying manure from Tamil Nadu without knowing they were carrying sandalwood along with the manure. Pappan gets arrested for the two offenses and is later let out on bail for the hostage of 2 people and a compensation of Rs. 50,000, on a condition of signing at the local police station.

To find the compensation money, Pappan mortgages his house and land without his mother knowing and invest the money to prepare the team for a war of tug contest which offers a Golden Cup. Papan and team manage to overcome all the hurdles and win the contest in flying colors but only to run into trouble with the rival team. The rival team steals the golden cup which Pappan was counting on. To make the situation worse, Sarbath Sameer who was on a suspension becomes the SI on PP Sasi's recommendation.

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