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A Action, Thriller Jul 19, 2019
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Aadai Story

Director: Rathna Kumar

Cast: Amala Paul as Kamini/Sudhandhira Kodi, Vivek Prasanna as Gowri, Ramya Subramaniam as Jennifer, Sriranjani as Lakshmi (Kamini's mother), and Ananya Ramaprasad as Nangeli.

Aadai tells the story of a free-spirited young lady named Kamini who has a post-modern outlook on life. She's wild, and never cared for anything, parties hard and is competent in her work. While her mother wishes to see her as a newsreader and asks her to wear saree at least once for her, Kamini works in the reality show division of the channel she works for. 

She and her team play pranks on unsuspecting people and record the events. The show is a big success and Kamini thinks that it is tough to beat her. Her channel is currently in the process of shifting to a new building of their own and that day also happens to be Kamini's birthday. On that day, she locks her friend and the ace newsreader Jennifer in a toilet and she takes up her spot and pulls off an efficient performance as a newsreader. L

she parties with her friend and gets intoxicated. By the time she regains her consciousness, she finds herself in the abandoned building, naked. She gets the shock of her life. How Kamini copes with this? Who did this to her? And how she comes out of this precarious situation forms the rest of the story. 

Aadai received generally positive reviews for its shocking subject matter and the bold performance of Amala Paul. The concept of the film and the issues it discussed and the questions it rose about various topics are praised. The movie is a commercial success with minimum profits and was declared Pycker India's Best Movie of the Week. 

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