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U Comedy 1 hrs 49 mins Jul 26, 2019





A1 Review & Rating

A1 Review: A Time-Pass Comedy Film That's Not Bad At All

The premise

A1 has everything that we expect from a Santhanam starrer. Comedy. Romance. Little bit of action. And some logicless fare. Of course, we should not expect logics from out and out comedy films which are aimed at entertaining the audience and making them forget their day to day worries. Santhanam who is on a high post the success of horror comedy Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 comes up with a delicate subject this time. 

Ultimate twists

Divya is your average stereotyped in films brahmin girl from a respectable family. And like any self-respect IMG stereotyped girl in Tamil Cinema, she wants to marry a fearless boy (read: a rowdy). Enter Saravanan, our hero Santhanam. After a few mandatory setpieces, she falls in love with him and all goes well until she comes to know that Saravanan is not a Brahmin. 

This makes Saravanan sad. But things take a new turn after the ultimate twist. Saravanan saves Divya's father when he falls down with a heart stroke. And as usual when Divya and Saravanan brings the matter of their love, in another ultimate twist, Divya's father rejects the alliance. In between all this, due to the machinations of his friends, Saravanan gets into a tricky situation. All's ends well after couple more of ultimate twists. 

The performances

But what makes this ultra different film with a highly original story is the comedy setpieces which work for the most part. Santhanam and co. did a fantastic job in their comedic acts. Seasoned actors like M. Bhaskar and Naan Kadavul Rajendran helped the proceedings tick. But it is the heroine who is miscast in a stereotypical role. She looks North Indian and the styling of a Tamil Ponnu is blatantly artificial. Acting-wise she's good. 

Writing and direction

The story of the film is ridden with ultimate twists. But the narration never goes overboard and the crispier runtime helps the cause too. The screenplay plays it safe. Despite a delicate subject, the director did well not to offend anyone's sentiments. The dialogues are good too. 

The crew

The music by Santhosh Narayanan is good and the background score is superb. The cinematography is colorful. Editing is good and any more trimming would have made the film lose its punch. The production design is stereotypical. The production values are passable. 


A1 is a comedy film and if you look at it as such, it works for the most part. But Santhanam needs to change his track if he wants to continue his success as a lead actor. For now, A1 may not be A one level comedy. But you can give it a try in an idle weekend. 


  • Santhanam
  • A handful of good comedy setpieces 


  • Highly original story

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

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A1 Live Updates & Public Talk

Santhanam has been doing the double duty of being a comedy actor in big star films and a lead actor in a few films on his own for quite some time. After the considerable commercial success of Dhilluku Dhuddu 2, he's back in action with A1 (Accused No. 1). The Johnson K directorial hits the screens today and with the early shows coming to an end, the movie opened to a mixed talk. The general consensus is if the logics are not taken too seriously, you can enjoy the comedy setpieces of the film to an extent. A lot of unpleasant humor is also problematic as it deals with the differences in society without proper understanding.

The madcap rom-com entertains, but only in parts. Coco actor 'Redin Kingley' has done well. Could not happily react to Santhanam's counters. It is high time Santhanam tries something beyond these template 'Ponna Kattikaradhuku Poradura Hero' scripts. Heroine Tara Alisha looks miscast in the role of a Brahmin girl. As per a few others, A1 is a jolly fun entertainer. Go with your friends and laugh out loud. The crisp run time (1hr 50 mins) is a plus. There are a few logic issues here and there but that's acceptable for a popcorn entertainer. 

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