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U Sci-fi, Thriller 2 hrs 29 mins Feb 7, 2019
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9 (Nine) Story

Director: Jenuse Mohammed

Cast: Prithviraj Sukumaran as Dr. Albert Louis, Master Alok as Adam Louis, Prakash Raj as  Dr. Inayat Khan, Wamiqa Gabbi as Eva, and Mamta Mohandas as Annie (Albert's wife). 

9 is a science fiction horror thriller which revolves around the passing of a comet from an unknown galaxy and the effects it causes on humanity. Albert is a cosmologist living with his kid son. He is a widower. When the world comes to know about the Passing of the in earth's vicinity, Albert's mentor Dr. Inayat Khan asks him to conduct research about the comet as it is a golden opportunity for them. 

Albert and co. alongside his son Adam, go to the Himalayas where the locals of that area have for hundreds of years portrayed the incident in the caves. Also, the caves have the drawings of earlier and future versions of the comet which may help their research. The passing of the comet can cause a blackout of communication systems for about 9 days, hence the title of the film, due to the surging of electromagnetic pulse. This may cause severe psychological issues to the inhabitants of the planet. 

One day, Albert brings home a young lady named Eva and she is suspected of as an alien entity by his servant Hakka at the Himalayan residency. Eva gets closer to Adam and feeds on his feeling of missing his mother and creates trouble for them. She also does the same with Albert and makes him think that it was Adam who was the reason behind the death of his beloved wife. How the research conducted by Albert concludes, and if and how he and Adam survive the entity for the rest of the story.

9 received unanimous critical acclaim who called it a masterpiece. The performances, especially that of Master Alok as Adam was praised by one and all. The technically rich narration received great acclaim. Mohammed Jenuse direction was termed as top-notch. The movie turned out to be a below-par performer at the box office. But it went on to win Pycker India's Best Movie of the Week in the week of its release. 

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