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96 (Tamil) Full Movie

Romance, Thriller Oct 4, 2018
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96 Movie Story

Director: C. Prem Kumar

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi as K. Ramachandran a.k.a Ram, Trisha Krishnan as S. Janaki Devi a.k.a Jaanu, Varsha Bollamma as Prabha, Devadarshini as Subhashini

Love stories come in various forms and one of the best bets for success are invoking nostalgia. The narration of 96 follows the same pattern in that it tells the nostalgic journey of its protagonists when they have met in a reunion party. Ramachandran aka Ram is an acclaimed photographer and he travels a lot. In one of such occasions, he goes to the town where he was born and brought up.

It is the town where his parents first shifted after their marriage, and he walks through the streets immersed in nostalgic feeling remembering the good and painful memories. One of such sweetly painful memory is his school life and his love for Janaki Devi aka Janu. He meets his friends and they decide to arrange a school reunion meet for the batch of the eponymous '96.

Janaki attends the meet and finds Ram there. Each of them shares how their lives turned after they had to part ways in the school after an unfortunate event and how they could/couldn't get over their love. They still find themselves in love with each other. Then they plan to spend the rest of the day together. How their relation rekindles, and if Ram and Janu reunite and live together form the rest of the story.

96 was acclaimed as one of the best romance films of all time and is hailed as a breath of fresh air in the days where pure love stories are becoming rarer. Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha's understated performances and the young actors who played their respective younger-selves received unanimous positive reviews. The movie turned out to be a commercial success.

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