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90ML (Telugu) Review

A Dec 6, 2019





90ML (Telugu) Review & Rating

90ML Review: Kartikeya's Spirited Performance Cannot Save A Routine Film

The premise

Young hero Kartikeya might not have repeated the success of his breakout film RX 100 with his subsequent films but he's talented is apparent to all of us. He also has seen a rise in his fan following till date which bodes well for his further prospects. But that he definitely needs a commercial success cannot be understated.

90ML, his latest offering created a lot of buzz among the audience and the actor is hopeful of the success of this film. He is also trying to amplify his mass image with each film. Let's see his search for commercial success is successful or not with 90ML review.

Devadasu - The Authorised Drinker

Devadasu is a modern-day youth and unlike most of our adorable Telugu cinema heroes he wants to do a job. But he couldn't get despite his good qualifications. Reason?

Let's jump into the flashback!

Circles. Circles. And more circles. Come on! Let's start at the infancy of our hero. He has a rare (fictional) medical condition. He needs to drink a limited dose of alcohol three times a day. No. He's not an alcoholic. Nor is he a party animal who drinks. It is his physiological state that necessitates this. Else, he would die. By the time he reaches manhood (you know it), the dose increases and settles at 90ML (and hence the title).

This had led to several problems to this otherwise non-conventional Tollywood hero (read: not an obvious awara). It becomes a big hurdle in finding a job and he need to settle to do a job in a bar. Now that he has a job, it's time to fall in love with the heroine which he does immediately after he sees her. Love at first sight.

Her name is ironically for him Suvasana. To add conflict to the story of this film and to the horror of our hero, she doesn't like persons who drink (alcohol) like a routine Telugu heroine. Initially, Devadasu tries to hide his forced alcoholism. And like we have seen in a million films, the heroine comes to know of it and breaks up with him. How our hero solves the differences and unites with the heroine can be watched in a routine climax.

Writing and direction

The film followed the template of director Maruthi's recent series of films. A striking defect in the personality of the hero/heroine. But the narration is not at all crispy like those films - Bhale Bhale Magaadivoy, Mahanubhavudu, etc.

Moreover the addition of another subplot to give our hero to flex his muscles in action sequences. As we don't want to give spoilers, we're not mentioning that action subplot. But it certainly deviated from the fun mood of the film in general and didn't match with the texture of the genre.

The point of the film is interesting and has the potential to be made into an exciting film. But the narration followed a regular template once the initial few scenes related to our hero's condition is set up. While the first half is fun to watch to some extent with Kartikeya's struggles Inna funny manner, once the conflicts are established the narration goes awrily routine.


Kartikeya has shown much improvement from his already excellent performance in his previous films like Gang Leader and Guna 369. He has a great screen presence be it in the songs, where he danced very well, or the action sequences - where he looked stylish. But unfortunately, it is the routine narration that has played spoilsport. Neha Solanki is pretty average in terms of looks and performance.

Ravi Kishan who comes as part of the subplot is the template villain and he fails to create any impact. The character appears forcibly inserted into the story and rightly so. Heroine's home atmosphere is right out of Race Gurram. Rao Ramesh and Pragathi are good as usual without standing out. Pisano and others did a routine job.

The crew

The music of the film by Anoop Rubens is neat and was already a success. The background score is good too. The cinematography is peppy. The editing could have been better but it is the narration that takes the blame. The production design is colorful and has given the film a youthful look. The production values are great.


90ML is one more disappointment for Kartikeya with some pretty routine templatish narration. Despite Kartikeya's best efforts, the film doesn't have a memorable sequence. You can skip the film.


  • Fictitious yet novel concept
  • Kartikeya's all-round performance


  • Routine narration
  • Template screenplay
  • Boring second half
  • Unnecessary subplot to insert a villain character

Pycker Rating: 2.25 out of 5

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  • Ravi Teja

    7 Dec 19 @ 12:14 AM

  • Krishna

    6 Dec 19 @ 4:22 PM

    Bod movie

  • Ganesh

    6 Dec 19 @ 1:02 PM


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