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90 ml Review

A Comedy, Drama, Romance 2 hrs 5 mins Mar 1, 2019





90 ml Review & Rating


90ml Review: Not A Sleaze--Fest But Not Good Enough For Serious Movie Buffs

The premise

Once the trailer of Oviya's 90ml (no no no don't think in a crooked way) hit the internet, the opinions are polarized and a range of people commented on the film left, right, and center. But the film rode on the craze for Oviya among the youngsters with all that fancy Oviya Army (Thank God! There's no Oviyaism, could sound wicked) and hit the screens with much hype among the releases of this weekend. 

Interestingly, many people seem to be missing the point, the director is has a good track record. At least in terms of her previous films. But what drove people to the theatres is the expectation of some sleazy fun and the Oviya factor. Anyways! Let's check out of the movie is really a bold fun entertainer with a commentary on modern-day lives of women or just an attempt to cash in on the craze for the actress and the current themes with 90ml review. 

The story

The movie revolves around a group of four women and how their lives changed after an interaction with the no-holds-barred and free-spirited Rita played by Oviya Helen. The four women in question are Thamara (Bommu Lakshmi), Kajal (Masoom Shankar), Paru (Sree Gopika), and Suganya (Monisha). They have their own problems in their lives and are living in a depressed state. In fact, the movie starts with Thamara visiting a psychiatrist with her husband because, you get it right, her drinking issues. 

Their friendship with Rita opens new gates of freedom and medicine to forget their rut of lives. She also promises them that she would solve all of their problems in due course. How, if, and in what way she keep her promise and what turns their lives take after this form the rest of the story. 

Writing and direction

The movie has a double-edged sword of a story. It can be dealt with in a serious tone or in a fun and exploiting manner. But the director Anita Udeep took a middle ground and came up with a sincere narration. Whether it is up to scratch in cinematic terms is another matter. The trailer is delivered in such a way in order to bring the target audience to the theatres. But who are they? Do they have the patience to think about life in serious terms or to read in between the lines? That is where she failed. 

There are a lot of booze scenes. There are heavy doses of drugs. There a lot of sex-talk. But it's not what it was accused of. Like all the buddy comedies made with men in the lead and a bit more maturely, 90ml discusses the issues about the void in life sincerely. But the narration took a beating because of the self-inflicted confusion by the director. 

The performances

As for acting, Oviya has shown some serious acting capabilities (directors, you can give her substantial roles) and the other actors just filled in the numbers. The film is mostly centered around the supposed star power of Oviya and made no bones about the fact and she carried it on her shoulders. 

The crew

The music by Silambarasan aka Simbu is forgettable. So is his cameo. The cinematography is okayish for the budget and the subject. The dialogues have liberal doses of ... yes. You get it! Editing could have been tight. A good 20 minutes could be cut off to make the film a bit more accessible. The production design is trendy within the limits. The production values are good in parts. 


90ml is not a film for everyone. Not even for all of those fans of Oviya who have an infatuation on her. The film demands patience and raises some serious questions about the void in today's life. But the confused narration and drag in the story undid the efforts. You can give it a try, if you feel it's your type of cinema. Else, better not even think about it!


  • Basic concept and sincere effort
  • Oviya's presence and performance


  • Confused narration
  • Wrong hype

Pycker Rating: 2.25 out of 5

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  • Sikkander

    17 Mar 19 @ 11:29 PM


90 ml Live Updates & Public Talk

The movie 90ml has been in the news for the last few weeks thanks to the craze of the lead protagonist Oviya Helen. The Oviya mania helped the film gain a lot of buzz leading up to its release and created a bit of hype for an otherwise relatively small budget film. For the informed audience, the director of the movie, Anita Udeep who made a couple of acclaimed Indian English films. The film became notorious for the supposedly bold content and double entendres post the release of the trailer. But anyway, with the film finally hitting the screens today, the talk has been mostly mixed. 

The criticism is mostly centered around the bold content of the film like drinking, smoking, drug abuse all done by women. But a few reviewers and early watchers say that the film revolves around the friendship of 4 females with adult dialogues and scenes. It is similar to male friendship movies, but shown in women's point of view boldly and engages to some extent. Another review reads: The trailer and sneak peek are quite misleading. The film has handled a relevant topic but my doubt is feminism all about women stands equal to men by consuming alcohol, weed and smoking cigarettes?

Stay tuned for more 90ml public talk and live updates. 

90 ml Preview

What is 90ml About?

Oviya Helen who has developed a strong fan following post her Bigg Boss stint has been coming up with her first proper Tamil film in which she played a lead role. She might have been seen in a couple of films in other languages and also in a cameo-plus item song in Silukkavarupettai Singham, fans are eagerly awaiting to see her on the big screen. Making her fans happy, she is coming up with 90ml but the result seems to be polarizing among them. It is an adult comedy. 

90ml deals with the story of 5 modern-day young ladies who resort to alcohol consumption and drugs to forget their worries in the depressing life. Too many double entendres thrown in the mix and ample steamy scenes add to the so-called bold content of the movie made the lead actress a target for trolls but nevertheless, the involvement of Simbu aka STR as the music director lends some much-needed boost. 

90ml Promises

A truly bold film

Or so we think. Booze? Check! Skin show? Check! blazing hot scenes? Check! A heroine with a lot of craze among the fans? Check! double entendres? Oh yes. Will all these make the film a bold new-age film is questionable but of the director makes a sincere attempt at representing a section of modern urban youth, the movie may turn out to be a cult classic among these sections. And then there is the Ovia factor too. 

Oviya in the lead role

No actress has gained such cult-like fan following (remember Oviya Army?) in recent times like Oviya Helen did. Whenever she appeared on the screen in her recent outings, she brought out loud cheers from her fans. Despite polarizing the opinions of both fans and the critics with the content and nature of the film, Oviya and the content itself have the capability to bring the target audience in droves to the theatres. We only wish the content is presented in a sincere way if not aesthetically. 

Anita Udeep and her team

Director Anita Udeep has an impressive resume with films like Indian English movie Knock Knock I Am Looking to Marry and the Oscar-nominated animated film Gulliver’s Travel. That she's making a film like 90 ml is quite interesting but not surprising. A new-age film is certainly on cards. Simbu's presence as the music director has already turned heads towards the movie. 

Keep watching for 90ml review, rating, and analysis. Be right back!