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24 Kisses Review

A Drama, Romance 2 hrs 23 mins Nov 23, 2018





24 Kisses Review & Rating

24 Kisses review: Not So great

So much of discussion. So many views expressed. All for one movie. Award-winning director Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty who made a film Minugurulu which was recognized by the Oscar committee directing this movie made the audience curious as to how he is going to present his idea. Is just a lust-fest? Has the talented director with ideology turned to titillating content so as to score a box office success? So many comments were made on the content, film, and the actress. Some good. Some bad. Let's see where this movie stands with 24 Kisses review. 

Anand is a young filmmaker who brings the plights of children to the notice of the world. He doesn't believe in love and marriage. He is the sort of a guy who thinks whether there is any need to name any relationship as long as the parties are enjoying it. He goes through many quick relationships. he comes across a girl named Sri Lakshmi who is a mass communications graduate. Without much screen time, they take their relationship to the next level, not marriage. She loves the way he kisses. 

But when her parent's wanted to know whether Anand is serious in the relationship, things go down South. He blurts out how and in what way he thinks about their bonding, and declares his opinions on the institution of marriage. This leads to their breakup. How they get united again and what is it about the title of 24 Kisses form the rest of the story. 

Hebah Patel is good in her role and has delivered a decent performance. She oozes sexiness and had done all bold acts. Certainly with her performance and her glamor she remains the sole highlight of the movie. Hero Adith Arun is pretty both in acting and screen presence, He failed to carry the weight of the character. Rao Ramesh is forgettable in the movie. Naresh makes his presence felt in a couple of scenes with his conviction but the character is pretty routine. The rest don't register much.

Despite the trailer and the discussion of the kissing scenes shown in it, Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty's direction promised a lot. It was his attachment to the project that had given this film a bit of respectability. People believed in his promise that there is much more to the movie than just the kisses. But he failed on all fronts to make an average film let alone a good one. TThe narration is bland. The screenplay moves back and forth making the viewing experience terrible. The basic point of the film has the potential to raise questions in the minds of the audience but the way it is presented made it uninteresting.

The music by Join Barua is average. The background score is decent though. The cinematography is good in that it captured the kisses in different ways. The overall texture of the visuals is good. The editing could have been better. At least an hour of the runtime is superfluous. The production values are good. On a whole, with titillating scenes, mixing completely different ideas, and lack of conviction, 24 Kisses fails to grab the attention of even those who come to watch the film because of its title. 

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  • Praveen

    26 Nov 18 @ 10:51 AM

    boring movie...

24 Kisses Preview

What is 24 Kisses About?

Love is always the hot topic in the life of the youth no matter what their ambitions are. For some, it is divine and for others, it's a moot point which happens in the life because of... well... you know what. The Hebah Patel starrer 24 Kisses is a romantic drama (not a romantic comedy) is about a young couple who have differing views on life and of course, love. 

The movie revolves around a youngster played by Adith Arun who has no belief in love or any other relationships. The character played by Rao Ramesh even asks the guy if it's not about love, is he thinking about well... (we muted the word here). The heroine's parents ask the girl to take a confirmation from the boy if he is serious about the relationship. Where the 24 kisses come into the picture is to be known in theatres. 

24 Kisses Promises

Despite the number 24 in the title, the movie is not promising 24 highlights in it. But it does have a few attractions to create buzz among the audience. Let's check them out below.

Hebah Patel's Srilakshmi

Youth favorite heroine Hebah Patel is obviously the main reason for the movie to get a bit of buzz before its release. She proved that she can play bold roles with Kumari 21F and this movie has several such. She has a different sort of attractive power in her. The best aspect about her stardom is she can act. Her role as Srilakshmi is a girl with a firm point of view on life. 

Youth-oriented subject matter

24 Kisses has everything to cater to the youth. Bold romance, the promised kisses, and of course, a young lead pair. But the main point of the film is what is true love. Can it be bound by relationships and whether the relationship between two persons needs a name like love or marriage or any other thing? A dashing subject if dealt with well. and there comes the director...

Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty

The man who helms the project had previously delivered a critically acclaimed film like Minugurulu. The movie was the first Telugu script to be preserved in Oscar Library‘s permanent core collection. Such a director handling a youth-oriented film with a strong conflict point means, 24 Kisses is not a film to tempt the audience with bold scenes but with a brilliant discussing point. 

Excellent support cast

24 Kisses has senior character artists like Rao Ramesh and Naresh playing important support roles in it. We all know how good both of them are when they get good roles and if they are given strong roles, they themselves rule the roost in the film. 

Watch this space for 24 Kisses review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back. 

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