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Kumari 21F Full Movie

A Romance, Rom-Com 2 hrs 12 mins Nov 27, 2015
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Kumari 21F Story

Director: Palnati Surya Pratap

Cast: Raj Tarun as Siddhu and Hebah Patel as Kumari alias Meena Kumari. 

Siddhu is a chef who aspires to become a cruise chef in Singapore but his financial conditions don't support this. Siddhu's parents are separated because his father was accused of having extra-marital affairs. Siddhu's friends Shankar, Srinu and Suresh steal money from people and hide in local ruins for three days. Siddhu cooks for them and provides them with liquor in return for his share of the money. 

Kumari is a struggling model from Mumbai who moves to Siddhu's colony. He is always confused about her bold and daring nature. Siddhu also becomes suspicious about her virginity, Kumari realizes this and rejects his marriage proposal. Siddhu becomes more suspicious of her after his friends tell him that Kumari may have many boyfriends and he is not her first boyfriend. 

They also reveal that Kumari's actual name is Meena who was caught in a police raid at a brothel in Mumbai. Siddhu's friends seek sexual preference from Kumari which she rejects. This angers the trio, they ask Siddhu to stop pursuing her, he refuses too, further angering the trio. 
Meanwhile, Siddhu learns that his father never had any extra-marital affairs but it was his mother's misunderstanding. The trio of friends makes a plan to seek revenge on Kumari for rejecting them. Series of unfortunate events happen, how Kumari and Siddhu get united by thwarting the evil plans forms the rest of the story.

Kumari 21F, when released, received a mixed response from the critics. In spite of this, Kumari became a big hit commercially and is loved by the audience, especially of the younger generation. Hebah Patel's performance is praised by one and all and is termed as mature. The movie became one of the biggest hits among the small budget films in Telugu. 

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