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2 Countries Review

U Comedy, Drama, Romance 2 hrs 39 mins Dec 29, 2017





2 Countries Review & Rating


After back to back debacles in his career, Sunil has come up with a remake this time. Directed by N Shankar, 2 Countries is an official remake of a Malayalam movie with the same title. Sunil is trying hard to find a success as a hero but sadly all his recent releases fared badly at the box office. This film too doesn't have a positive vibe as the trailer for the film looked mediocre and was unable to generate any curiosity among the movie lovers. Adding to that, the makers of the film didn't promote the film properly and most of the audience doesn't even know that the film releases today. With so many negatives against the film, can the film turn out to be successful and give Sunil the much-needed break he is looking for? Let's see in 2 Countries movie review.

The story begins with Ullaas (played by Sunil), a cunning man who marries an NRI girl Laya (played by Manisha Raj) by cheating her and her family. But as he moves to the USA with her he comes to know that she is an alcoholic. How does Sunil manage to bring her back to normal life forms the rest of the story.

Rating 2 from  telugu360

2 Countries is yet another disappointing Sunil starring film. A bad first half, slight better 2nd...

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Sunil does a decent job as a cunning guy who does go to any extent to earn money. His role is let down by poor writing as he has got nothing much to do. Looks wise too Sunil looks pretty average and has to improve a bit if he has plans to continue as a hero. Mahisha Raj is impressive as an NRI and she looks absolutely gorgeous. She is a good find and can go long way if she plans her career properly. The way she has performed in the crucial scenes of the film is pretty impressive considering the fact that she is a debutant. Srinivasa Reddy gets a good role once again with his impeccable comedy timing and Prithviraj too manages to generate few laughs here and there. The film boasts of an ensemble cast that includes Sithara, Raja Ravindra, Chandra Mohan, Dev Gill, Krishna Bhagawan, and others but none of them get a scope to perform. 

Rating 2 from  indiaglitz

This remake of a Malayalam movie is a blind rehash.  Endlessly long and pointlessly caricatu...

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Cinematography by C Ram Prasad is good in the first half as he captures the beautiful locales of the USA perfectly. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is okay as he has nothing much to do because of the poor screenplay written by N Shankar. Songs by Gopi Sunder are mediocre and this comes as a surprise for the music lovers. Background score is adequate. Production values of Mahalakshmi Arts banner are superb as they have spent a lot of money to give the film a lavish feel. Coming to the story and direction, N Shankar picks up the story from a super hit and presents it in a bad way. From the very first scene, his direction lacks impact and looks so mediocre. In the past, he has come up with some superb films, most of them being message oriented. This time he chooses to do a commercial entertainer and falls flat during the execution. Had he written a neat screenplay with enough entertainment quotient, 2 Countries would've been a super hit but now ends up as a below average affair.

Rating 1.5 from  mirchi9

2 Countries offer nothing new regarding the story, but it has a screenplay that could make the ro...

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Verdict: Mediocre Family Entertainer

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2 Countries Live Updates & Public Talk

After trying out different things to score a super hit, Sunil has finally chosen to come up with the remake of a Malayalam movie. He has teamed up with N Shankar to remake Malayalam movie 2 Countries with the same title. The trailers and songs of the film didn't help the film much and the film released today in a limited number of screens. As the morning shows come to an end, the audience are Tweeting about the film. The initial response from them is negative, see the Tweets below to know more.

Being termed as one of the weakest films in Sunil's career, 2 countries is being slammed by the audience for its weak content. Heroine Manisha Raj seems to have impressed the audience and she seems to be one of the positive factors about the film. Check out the below Tweets to know more.

Stay tuned for more public talk of 2 Countries.

2 Countries Preview

What Is It About?

Comedian Sunil has been trying his luck as a hero for the past 5 years and he is unable to find the success. His latest films like Ungarala Rambabu too failed to impress the audience and he is now coming up 2 Countries which is an official remake of Malayalam movie with the same title. N Shankar has written the screenplay for the film and is also directing the film. Sunil was one of the top comedians of Tollywood and he turned as a hero with Andala Ramudu and scored 3 hits in a row but since then none of his movies have become successful at the box office. He has pinned his hopes on this film and the success or failure will decide whether he will continue as a hero or not. 2 Countries is a proper family entertainer with all the commercial elements and it deals with sensitive issues like divorces.

What To Expect?

  • Good Dose Of Comedy

With Sunil in the lead role, we can always expect loads of comedy. Though he is playing the male lead in the film, his role seems to have good scope for comedy. The film also has a bunch of comedians like Naresh, Shayaji Shinde, Racha Ravi, Krishna Bhagawan, Chandramohan and others who can deliver loads of entertainment. The trailer has glimpses of good comedy from the comedians like Prithviraj, so we can expect more of such comedy in the film. The original version of the film had ample entertainment and good comedy scenes between 2 roles which are now being played by 2 of the best comedians of Tollywood, Sunil, and Naresh.

  • Emotional Family Entertainer

Though the film has comedy as the backbone, Sentimental scenes seem to have their due importance in the film. The movie deals with the relationship between the husband and wife and these scenes can be the major highlight of the film. N Shankar has effortlessly dealt with even more complicated issues in his previous films and we can expect him to do a good job with these scenes as well. Sunil's performance as an actor has always been good in emotional scenes in films like Manasantha Nuvve, Mass, and Maryada Ramanna. So watch out for some good sentimental scenes from him.

  • Good Music

The music for this film has been provided by Malayalam music composed Gopi Sunder who gave chartbuster albums for Telugu films. He is in top form with his recent films Oopiri, Ninnu Kori etc. becoming super hits and his music played a crucial role in the success of those films. He is composing music for a Sunil's film for the first time and as always we can expect good songs from him. His background score too is going to be crucial for this film, especially in emotional scenes.