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A Horror 2 hrs 24 mins Jan 12, 2018
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1921 Story

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Cast: Zareen Khan as Rose, Karan Kundra as Ayush, and Vikram Bhatt as Mr. Wadia

1921 begins in England in the year 1927 where a crowd of people are waiting to see Ayush play music but he does not show up. The organizers then find out that Ayush has slit his wrists. The film then goes into flashback and tells the story of Ayush when he was in Bombay. Impressed by Ayush incredible musical talent, a wealthy man Mr Wadia offers him to finance his educational expenses in York College of Music and in return asks Ayush to take care of his mansion Wadia Manor in York. Ayush joys knew no bounds and he starts his journey off to the mansion where he is warmly welcomed by the housekeeper and caretaker of the mansion.

After three months, Ayush starts facing some paranormal activities in his house and seeks the help of a fellow college student who also is a ghost whisperer, Rose to get rid of them. Rose who is an admirer of Ayush and his music agrees to help. During the course, the pair grew fond of each other and starts falling in love. As the pair starts to investigate, it is revealed that the dark secrets of both the individuals have consequences to the current hauntings happening in the mansion.

1921 received mostly negative reviews. the critics didn't find it convincing enough to be a horror movie with a gripping plot. the film was made on a budget of 15 crores. 

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