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U/A Action, Drama, Thriller 2 hrs 6 mins Mar 1, 2019





118 Movie Review & Rating


118 Movie Review: A Different Attempt With Partial Success

The premise

You have just come home after a hard days work and fell asleep without even eating anything. Suddenly you woke up with a jolt. It takes some time for you to understand it’s because of a dream you woke up. You can’t help but think about it. A visual. Or a flash! That catches your eye before you wake up. What do you do? Just try to get back to your sleep so that you can get enough rest for next day’s work? Or think about the dream all night? 

What's in a dream?

The second is the case when stories are born. Gautam is a young journalist in visual media. He has a recurring dream these days. Previously he was in love with a girl of his dreams (literally, not the one in current dream) and had been leading a smooth flowing life. But this dream disturbs him. When his ex comes back to reconcile with him, his friend jokes that he has now another dream girl. 

The thing that is ailing Gautam is the girl in his dream is in mortal danger. He couldn’t get if she’s alive or dead. After consulting a dream analyst, Gautam decides to investigate about the girl. Then he comes across a shocking truth. What is that shocking reveal? Is his dream real or a common dream we all get? Is there any supernatural element behind his connect with the girl in his dream, Aadya? The answers to all these questions form the rest of the story. 

Writing and direction

K. V. Guhan comes up with a considerably good story. The concept of dreams and lucid dreams is established very well. Also, we get to understand the significance of the title of the film in the very beginning itself. The narration has intrigue and urgency in the first half but the same cannot be said post-interval. The graph that was built until that point falls down until the next clue leads to the actual story of the film in the flashback. 

Till that point, we have to keep our attention on our hero and his investigation for Aadya’s identity and whereabouts. (SPOILER)The flashback is good but we have seen it before. It reminds us of Raj Tarun’s 2018 film Lover. And Rajiv Kanakala’s character too reminds us of the film. But the lead up to the climax is good. The search for Aadya gets on our nerves after a certain point of time as it doesn’t lead anywhere. Reason? End suspense. 

The performances

As for performances, Kalyan Ram did a sincere job as Gautam, a person with an intense mission. The relentless search for the heroine brought the best out of him. He has a few hero elevation scenes but they are good because of their understated nature. His diction is apt for the role and the body language has shown the required urgency. All in all an excellent role for him and he did well. 

It is Nivetha Thomas as Aadya the girl of dreams (pun intended) for your hero steals the show to an extent. She received a meaty role. Her dubbing is also good as the scope for dialogues for her role is less. Shalini Pandey looked cute as hero’s girlfriend. But she has no much to do. 

Prabhas Sreenu did well in his support role. Rajiv Kamalaka did as expected. Rest of the actors did okayish jobs. The villain/antagonists don’t make an impact due to the nature of the narration. Nasser brought experience to the fore in essaying his role. 

The crew

The music of the film is good. Chandamama song is good. The visuals in this song are also terrific. The background score is also good despite influences. The cinematography by Guhan needs special mention. The way he has shown certain visuals is simply marvelous. He handled the camera like a poet handles words. The editing is pretty average. The production design is good. The production values by East Coast are commendable. 


118 is a well-made film with some sound performances and an intriguing concept. But not everyone can show interest in such subjects. The narration couldn’t sustain the interest ofthe mass audience. Leaving the rankings aside, 118 is a decent attempt. You can give it a chance if you like the genre of suspense and mystery. Else, skip it.


  • Different concept
  • Kalyan Ram and Nivetha Thomas' performances
  • K. V. Guhan's cinematography


  • Narration could have been better in the second half. 

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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118 Movie User Reviews

  • Pedapalli

    21 Mar 19 @ 11:43 PM

    good movie
  • Mani Kanta

    16 Mar 19 @ 11:01 PM

  • venkatesh

    12 Mar 19 @ 5:32 PM

118 Movie Live Updates & Public Talk

Released amidst buzz among the thriller enthusiasts, Kalyan Ram starrer 118 directed by the acclaimed top cinematographer K. V. Guhan finally hit the screens today. The movie received a varied talk including our own review but the overall consensus is generally tilting towards positive. The novel concept of lucid dreams and the well-created action sequences and the cinematography by Guhan himself received praise as are the performances of Kalyan Ram and Nivetha Thomas. 

Unfortunately, the movie was not well promoted until the last minute and the effect was felt mostly in the B and c centers. There are also comments about the narration lags and taking its own time to get to the story are pointed out as the negatives. Nivetha Thomas episode is a major highlight for the second half. Climax conclusion is superb. The movie is set up in a different backdrop which attracted a section of the audience. The cinematography and the BGM are also said to be the biggest highlights of the movie. 

Stay tuned for more 118 public talk and live updates. 

118 Movie Preview

What is 118 About?

A search for a girl of dreams. Only that it’s not a dream but a nightmare. A youngster known for his logical thinking searches for a girl whom he glimpses in incomplete images. She’s in danger. Or maybe not in. A doctor/psychologist who guides the hero talks cryptically about this and our hero despite having a real world (ex) girlfriend thinks about this new soulmate.

Kalyan Ram is known for delivering generally different films keeps his promise once again with this thriller. Or a thriller mixed with horror elements and a hint at supernatural. Directed by acclaimed cinematographer K. V. Guhan, 118 also stars Shalini Pandey and Nivetha Thomas in the lead roles and senior actor Nasser in a crucial role. All in all, 118 is shaping up to be an intriguing film.

118 Movie Promises

A taut thriller with a hint of supernatural

Surprisingly for a movie of this genre, 118 has love and responsibility at the core of its subject. The case of a missing girl and the connection the hero establishes with her and which runs parallel with his real-life situation. The movie has all it takes to keep the audience on the edge of the seat. But these films need proper handling else they end up as borefests. But with an experienced hand like K. V. Guhan, we can trust his instincts. 

The lead actors

Kalyan Ram, despite his low success rate, is known for his sincere efforts in bringing out concept-based films alongside the commercial potboilers. As recently as 11 months back, he proved his mettle as a commercial hero with the successful masala film MLA (Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbayi). Now, with a subject like 118, he is sure to be making his mark again. Apart from a strong story, the film also offers him ample heroic moments. 

Shalini Pandey who in her short career played different roles now again plays the role of a medical doctor. She is the ex of our protagonist and when she tries to come into his life again and rekindle their relationship, she finds that he is now obsessed with his new soulmate as commented by the hero's friend. 

Nivetha Thomas plays the key role around whose disappearance and whereabouts the film revolves around. Young Tiger N. T. R.'s proclamation during the pre-release event that his eyes became wet with her performance raises expectations about her role and in turn the film. 

K. V. Guhan and his team

Apart from directing the film, Guhan himself has written the screenplay of the film. Known as one of the best cinematographers in South Indian Cinema, his cinematography is very atmospheric and creates an aura for 118 the movie. Shekar Chandra composes the musical score of this movie and as evidenced by the trailer, the score forms the backbone of the film alongside the narration. East Coast Production has left no stone unturned to make the film tick and look rich. 

Keep watching for 118 movie review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!

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