Youtube Deleting Carry Minati's Video - Unfair?

Youtube Deleting Carry Minati's Video - Unfair?

18 May 20 @ 4:57 PM | By Sayanee Gupta

#JusticeFor CarryMinati trend on social media as YouTube took down Carry Minati’s viral YouTube Vs TikTok video from the internet. The roast video was the most-watched Indian video on Youtube and was set to break records when it was taken down with an excuse of violating its terms of service.

Carry Minati’s video roasted a Tiktok star Amir Siddiqui after he instigated an argument over two different video sharing platforms. While the 20-year-old Youtuber’s video was made to target and roast an individual and Tiktoker community to a certain extent, removal of the video was definitely unfair. Here is why.

Roasting is a format that has been here for a long time. Youtube seems to be quite okay with the format and language used in such videos. Then how is this video different? Well, the answer is probably this isn't! Carry Aka Ajey Nagar’s video definitely had some abusive words, however, that’s not a new thing on the video-sharing platform.  

There are plenty of Youtube videos uploaded by powerful agencies that have strong language and hate speech; however, these videos are not removed as the video-sharing platform wouldn't mess up with agencies. On the contrary, taking down an individual's video was quite easy and the site did it without letting the content maker give an explanation.

Interestingly, Minati's video was not deleted instantly but only after it earned a whopping amount for Youtube. This already screams how unjust Youtube was to it’s this young Youtuber. Ironically, the viral Youtube Vs Tiktok didn't do any harm to Siddiqui rather dragged some attention on him which will help him to grow as a social influencer in future. 

Youtube has been considered as a fine platform for creative people who want to express themselves and communicate through videos. This incident is a major blow on its fine reputation. This is not expected from the World’s second-biggest search engine that we love.

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