Young Tiger To Make Telugu People Karodpatis

Young Tiger To Make Telugu People Karodpatis

12 Dec 20 @ 11:39 AM | By GitacharYa

Young Tiger N. T. R. is one of the best actors in Telugu Cinema is a fact nobody needs to stress. Those who have seen a glimpse of his performances agree that he’s second to none when compared against the best in the generation in other languages. Among his greatest strengths is his diction. And his ability to talk verbatim without taking references. Very rarely he fumbles for words. That has made him a great host of any television program he handles. 

Of course, only once did we see him host a show - Bigg Boss Telugu season-1. It was a stupendous success and boy did he shine bright! That his stint as the host is still talked about with bated breath is enough of proof that he’s a big charmer. Why suddenly are we talking about this? Post Bigg Boss Telugu, whatever the criticism it faced, StarMAA channel saw its viewership increased multifold. 

ETV has Jabardast and SP Balu programmes to capture the rapt attention of the Teluguland audience. But Gemini TV which used to rule the roost through its popular television soaps and movie premieres lost its mojo a bit. Now, Gemini TV is planning to air a reality show with Young Tiger as the host. It’s heard that Tarak has cursorily given his nod to it. 

As per the latest grapevine (confirmed as ‘most probable’ by our reliable sources), after the expiry of Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu rights with Maa TV, Gemini has bought the same for a whopping price. Tollywood King Nagarjuna excelled as the host of the show and made Maa TV a household name during its airing time. Gemini is getting the scene ready to follow the route with N. T. R. and resurrect the beloved show. Could we wait for it? 

An Emphatic NO! 

We’re all eyes to watch Tarak host MEK (albeit with a different name) on TV and make it iconic like Amitabh Bachchan did with Kaun Banega Karodpati nationally and Nag did in Telugu. 

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