Young Actress Exploits Stardom With WEIRD Demands

Young Actress Exploits Stardom With WEIRD Demands

12 Apr 21 @ 7:10 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

As the saying goes, “empty vessels make more noise,” people with the least talent and knowledge create a fuss to make their presence felt. The same holds true with a top actress who attained superstardom. Without being acquiescent, the actresses started to make hefty demands and reached a stage where she is annoying the director by giving unwanted suggestions.

Getting into details, the young actress made her debut with a Tamil film. Later, she debuted in Tollywood and acted in a couple of films, but none of them boosted her career. Finally, she got a bumper offer to pair up with a mega hero and that changed her fate. The success of the film instantly got her big offers.

Right from the beginning of her career, she only played glam roles, but not any significant roles that bring her true acting prowess to the fore. As she has not objected to show off her glam, even the offers she receives remained consonant. While the actress should be thankful to her directors and makers for her smooth-going career, she is burdening them with her demands.

Rather than enacting the role she was offered, the young diva is suggesting key advises and changes to the script. She has also asked makers to make her role look more special, which is annoying them. It's time she should change her behaviour, else she might end up digging her own grave with her demands.

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