You Will Die Laughing Watching These Funny Brahmotsavam Dance Spoofs

You Will Die Laughing Watching These Funny Brahmotsavam Dance Spoofs

20 Mar 18 @ 2:54 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Brahmotsavam. That title stirs some painful memories & evokes some hilarious reactions (from moviegoers who aren't Mahesh fans). The film was a colossal failure &the matters worsened when Mahesh Babu became the laughing stock due toan undeniably funny dance step in Bala Tripuramani song. Given Mahesh's popularity, these spoofs are cropping up like fungal spores on socialmedia. Although the step was a miscalculation on Mahesh's part, he is indirectly encouraging the creativity of Telugu people. Posted beloware some of the most trending & creative spoofs on Mahesh's Brahmotsavam dance.

(If you are hardcore Mahesh fan, please turn away now. This site neither endorses nor encourages jokes on Mahesh Babu or on any hero. However, we encourage creativity.)

  1. The Brahmotsavam Dance

    A spoof can never be appreciated if you've not watched the primary source. To give you a better idea, we'll begin with Mahesh's dance in this romantic song. One of the best Tollywood choreographers Raju Sundaram composed these funny movements & Mahesh went with them obediently. After watching the video, it raises the question: what were Raju Sundram & Mahesh Babu thinking?

  2. Ants in Pants

    The guy in this video is instructed by a unseen man to do various funny things. He is asked to imagine that there are ants in his trousers and upon giving a satisfying response, the unseen man proceeds to give other instructions. The video is quite funny due to the unseen man who likens the dance to a bath.
  3. Indescribably Funny

    One of them has smeared pastry cream or face cream and the other guy has a tinge of it too. With cream smeared on their faces, the duo pull off the dance movements wearing jeans (Mahesh wore a trouser in the song). The humour quotient increases a bit due to the jeans. The spoof's ending will remind you of your school days.
  4. Reimagined In Shorts

    What if Mahesh wore shorts in the song? This group answers the question by imitating the smile-evoking movements in shorts. They produce a hilarious reproduction of Mahesh's dance. It's worth noting the video has been viewed by more than 86k netizens.
  5. Mahesh Babu Dance + Michael Jackson Fan = Laughing Gas

    When a MJ fan misinterprets Mahesh's dance as a form of paralysis, the outcome is this spoof. In this video, a dance master teaches three students dance by asking them to emote different situational emotions which includes paralysis & bankruptcy. The ending pays homage to Dookudu.
  6. Three Monkeys & Their Brahmotsavam Dance

    These three youngsters spoof the Mahesh Babu's in a disorganised manner. The hilarity ensues when the guy in the middle loses it & starts dancing quite funnily. The video has been viewed by more than 11k people.
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  8. Scratch Here, Scratch There

    This guy is a different story altogether. This netizen's spoof, which is high on creativity, was posted on twitter in response to RGV's sarcastic comments. What is funny is that this man likens Mahesh Babu's dance to body scratching. The spoof is rather short though.
  9. Fun Fact: Bala Tripuramani is copied from a western song

    You can expect this from S. S. Thaman but what's new is that Mickey J Mayer has also joined the copycat club with this song. Excepting for a few changes, rest of the music is nearly the same as the One Life Riddim instrumental