Sports Based Movies In Tamil Cinema That Are A Must Watch

Sports Based Movies In Tamil Cinema That Are A Must Watch

14 Dec 18 @ 10:46 AM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Given our busy schedules, most of us rarely have the time to indulge in athletics. Although we long to participate in sports, we barely have the energy & interest to do anything after a tiring day. So, whenever, someone on the TV screen or silver screen plays cricket or football, we glue our attention to it and get lost in the game. So, we've compiled a list of films which show how thrilling it is play to sports at the peaks of our youth. These films which will not only make your day but will also show you how to make your day.

  1. Badri

    Badri is the remake of Telugu blockbuster of Thammudu. Like primary source, the film went on to become a huge hit which raised the Vijay to new levels. The film is about a wayward youth who is believes in false prestiges and chases women. Enraged at his insolence, his father kicks him out. Things worsen when his brother who is boxing champ is critically injured. He decides to participate in an upcoming boxing bout instead as he sees it as a chance to repair the things. How he returns things to normalcy forms the crux of this blockbuster.

  2. Ghilli

    Another Vijay starrer which became a superhit. The film was a remake of the Telugu blockbuster Okkadu. The film is about a Kabbadi champ who burdens himself with moral responsibility. He rescues Trisha, a helpless woman, from an abduction. This event enrages Prakash Raj, a powerful rowdy, who was in love with that lady. He swears vengeance upon the athlete and decides to wed Trisha. The climatic face-off occurs on a Kabaddi field where Vijay must not only fight for his love but also for his life. Posted below is a still

    Vijay In Gilli
    Vijay In Gilli
  3. M. Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi

    It is quite an intense movie like its primary source which is the Telugu blockbuster Amma Naana O Tamil Ammayi. The film dealt with a kick-boxer who loses his mother to an illness. Before breathing her last, his mother advises him to seek his father's help to complete his training. But, it is easier said than done for he loathes his father as he left them decades ago. What happens next in their rocky relation forms the rest of the movie.

    M. Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi
    M. Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi
  4. Chennai 600028

    The movie is all about cricket. From the start to finish, the film revolves around cricket only. Here and there, there are some emotions interspersed between them. Two teams, who despise each other, wage their battles both on and off the field. Ultimately, only one of them will the field as the victors and both the teams are eager to clinch the title.

    Chennai 600028
    Chennai 600028
  5. Lee (film)

    The movie isn't based on cricket. Intead, it is based on the football (or soccer). The film has Sibiraj and others as the lead cast. The film is about a group of youngsters who love playing football. The group is lead by Leelatharan, who is called Lee. But, not everything is right about this group for they want to assassinate a minister. Why a happy-to-go group wants to kill a minister is the million dollar question of this film. Posted below is a still of the film.
  6. Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu

    The film has Kabaddi at its core. A team of underdogs, who is led by Vennila, take on a team of talented players for they dream of the winning the local tournament. However, unbeknownst to the underdogs, the tournament's outcome is controlled by bookie who expect Vennila's team to lose. However, Vennila does everything in his power to win and the bookie vows to stop from winning for his benefit. The film builds up to an interesting climax which is both thrilling and emotional. The film was remade into Telugu as Bheemli Kabaddi Jattu.
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  8. Aadukalam

    The flick is centred upon cockfights. Dhanush and Tapsee star in this gripping film which portrays Dhanush as an underdog who does his to earn a reputation as a good cock trainer. But, what will happen when his mentor cannot tolerate Dhanush's success? That troubling question builds to an uneasy climax which shakes Dhanush's faith in his mentor.

  9. Potta Potti

    It is well-received cricket film which has real-life Sadagoppan Ramesh as one of its lead actors. The film is about two men who love the same girl. They decide to have a cricket match and the winner gets the girl. The good guy kidnaps Sadagoppan and positions him as the coach. But, what happens when the coach also falls for the same girl?. Posted below is a still from the movie
  10. Dhoni

    The only film, in this list, which has a kid the forerunner. The film is about Aakash, a kid who wants to become a talented player like M. S. Dhoni. However, Prakash Raj, his father, doesn't support him and instead wants to see his as a MBA graduate. Due to disinterest in studies, Karthik performs dismally in his education. As a result, Prakash Raj loses his patience and bashes his son so badly that he ends up in a coma. At that point, Prakash Raj realises how wrong he was in pushing his son towards a goal Karthik has no interest in.
  11. Ethir Neechal

    The comedy film is about sprinting. Sivakarthikeyan is a goodnatured man who creates a new identity as his older self had the name of a woman. Things get better for a while but they worsen when his lover finds out about his false identity. She chastises him that he has to better himself and then he will gain her hand. In order to show that he is a man of character, he decides to sprint. However, he doesn't a thing about sprinting. So, how does he do it?

  12. Jeeva

    Jeeva is about a young man's struggle to play for team India at national levels. Jeeva is a youngster who loves playing cricket since his childhood. Despite his father's discouragement, Jeeva plays cricket and earns a name for himself within a short duration. However, due to social status, another player is chosen over him and Jeeva cannot bear this partiality. He lambasts the chairman of selection committee for his partiality. How he saves his damaged career forms the rest of the film.
  13. Maan Karate

    It is quite a funny film. Although the film revolves around the intense sport of boxing, the film has been shot in such a way that you are bound to laugh. Siva Karthikeyan stars in this comedy which is about a lazy man who decides enter a boxing match to win a lady's love. His fighting style is just fun. It is certainly a different flick than the ones in this list. The film was remade in Telugu as Tuntari.
  14. Vallinam

    It is a welcome change that a Tamil film is based on basketball. The film's story is a bit emotional. Two childhood friends, who are portrayed by Nakul & Kreshna, study in the same college. They also happen to play the same sport which is basketball. Unfortunately, Kreshna dies after getting hit in the head by the ball by Nakul. A depressed Nakul joins another college where basketball is ridiculed. He then decides to change the college's perception about the sport. But, it isn't as easy as he thought.
  15. Eetti

    This sports movie is based on sprinting. The protagonist, who is portrayed by Adharvaa, is a sprinter who has a health disorder which can potentially end his life. Due to the disorder, any injury sustained by Adharvaa will not clot and it will result in a major loss of blood if any remedial action isn't taken. In due course, he falls in love with Sri Divya. However, an unwanted situation, puts him in a dangerous situation where he might end up losing his life & love. How does he escape from deadly battle?