Will Tarak's Entry Change The Political Fate Of Movie Stars?

Will Tarak's Entry Change The Political Fate Of Movie Stars?

6 May 21 @ 4:06 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

Despite the fact that movie stars are no more game changers in politics, the political foray of Young Tiger Jr NTR has been making headlines now and then. Although Tarak on several occasions ignored and expressed his disinterest to join politics anytime soon, fans are desperately awaiting his political entry. The reason behind this is the poor and disastrous state of TDP Party which was founded by Tarak's grandfather and legendary actor Sr NTR. Fans and analysts are anticipating that only Tarak can be a saving grace to revive the lost glory of the party.

Well, like what is anticipated by fans and analyst, will Tarak's political entry bring a change? Although certain things like the party's past glory are bound to happen, but it is said that Tarak's entry will not make any big impact on the party winning power. While senior stars like Mega Star Chiranjeevi, Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Universal Star Kamal Haasan, etc. failed to crave a niche for themselves in politics, Tarak finding a feet for himself is overcoming all the scrofulous tricks, and ploys is highly impossible.

As it was already proved that cine charisma will longer help the stars win in the political game. Analysts also feel that Tarak just like Superstar Rajinikanth should understand that political game is not his cup of tea.

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