Will Tarak And Ram Charan Make It Big Like Prabhas?

Will Tarak And Ram Charan Make It Big Like Prabhas?

18 Aug 20 @ 6:48 PM | By Gitacharya & Jilani

We have seen how Rebel Star Prabhas has grown with the success of Baahubali movies and went on to capture the imagination of the nation. Though he has done only one movie since, Saaho, his craze across India is unimaginable even for a Bollywood superstar right now. That he’s known in places like Arunachal Pradesh and Diu-Daman is proof of his success. All this is thanks to Darsaka Dheera S. S. Rajamouli. He even has fans across the globe.

Now, Rajamouli is following Baahubali up with RRR - India’s biggest multi-starrer. Starring Mega Power Star Ram Charan and Young Tiger N. T. R., the epic period drama tells the fictional story of Alluri Seetarama Raju and Komaram Bheem. The most highly anticipated film currently, the film is expected to give similar launching platform to both Tarak and Ram Charan. Rajamouli also promised to erase regional boundaries with this film. So, what next for these beloved stars?

They’ll surely get larger than life image with this film. Will they encash the same like Prabhas did and become national phenomena? Or will they plan their careers in a different way? N. T. R. already seems to have his eyes on pan-India stardom and is planning a big way with Trivikram and KGF director Prasanth Neel. But Ram Charan is practising wait and watch approach. But everything depends on how the actors react to the success of RRR. Both of them have loads of talent and especially Tarak is once in a generation acting talent who mastered Navarasa. Let’s wait and see!

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