Will RRR & KGF 2 Also Flinch There Release Plan?

Will RRR & KGF 2 Also Flinch There Release Plan?

16 Apr 21 @ 12:19 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

With in a very short span, Telugu film industry recovered from the lockdown losses. Started with 50 percent occupancy in December 2020, theatres rebounded to full capacity with in a few months. Film shootings progressed in full swing, and a bunch of films announced their release. While the first quarter has seen a high, it began to slop down now with filmmakers receding their release plans. There are two major releases for this sudden blench. 

1. Corona Scare 

When everyone assumed that things are back to normalcy, COVID-19 cases are flaring up each passing day at a more rapid rate than last year. This is causing a state of panic and fear among the public to step out of the homes. Like all other states, Teluguland CM's are also muling over to impose 50 percent restriction on theatres once again.

2. Ticket Fare Issues In AP 

With complaints on hiked ticket fares in most of the regions, Andhra Pradesh government passed a G. O. with revised ticket fares. Amidst these troubled times when the theatre occupancy is also restricted to 50 percent, reducing ticket fare will be a huge blow to the theatre owners who shell out hefty amounts to acquire the rights. Now, the industry big wigs are trying to negotiate on this issue with the AP government. 

Until the issues gets cleared out, filmmakers have decided to postpone their releases. After medium range films like Tuck Jagadish, Love Story, Virata Parvam announced postponement, now even the biggies are on thinking on the same lines. According to trade analysts, films like RRR, KGF 2 and others need a 100 percent occupancy and hiked ticket fares to recover the collections, but as both are uncertain for now, its a mystery whether the biggies will hit the screens as planned or will postpone the release to a further date.

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