Will Power Star Take The Crown Where The Mega Stars Failed?

Will Power Star Take The Crown Where The Mega Stars Failed?

31 Dec 20 @ 5:57 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

Celebrities generally attract a mass following among the public, which often creates a tendency for them to join politics. While some enter to make more money, some enter to do good for the people. However, politics is not an easy game, at least not the cup of tea for every celebrity who enters it. Over the years, we witnessed many celebrities like Mega Star Chiranjeevi, Big B Amitabh Bachchan, etc. trying their luck in politics, but only a few sustained in the game while many of them bid farewell after facing a terrible defeat. Much to the disappointment, even the very few who are still in politics not able to make any impact. 

Can Power Star Pawan Kalyan succeed in this game of power? Initially, it is believed that he is going to bring a change. His philosophy, straightforwardness, bravery to question, etc. have attracted many youngsters who walked with him, creating a vast army. No matter how passionately Pawan entered the politics, he failed to keep the same momentum in the days that followed. The rage he showed in the initial days dampened with oppositions, allegations, and criticism.

However, Pawan has not accepted his defeat and is moving forward without caring about the pressures and sabotages of the people he trusted. This boldness of him is helping his fans and public trust that Pawan will reach new heights one day. Can Pawan keep their belief? Or will he take reverse gear just like his brother pouring cold water on their trust? Let's wait and see.

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