Will Mohan Babu’s Android Version Be Sweet Enough?

Will Mohan Babu’s Android Version Be Sweet Enough?

22 Oct 20 @ 12:30 PM | By GitacharYa

Among the series of Malayalam films released by Aha Video in Telugu, Android Kattappa is the most loved film by the family audience. The simple story set in an amicably rustic rural world and the way emotions are portrayed without fuss made it a fan favorite. The Ratheesh Balakrishnan directorial was released without any fanfare but turned out to be the talk of the town even among the celebs thanks to word of the mouth.

It was so loved by the Telugu people that senior actor Mohan Babu is in plans of remaking it by adding proper nativity for the Telugu audience. Immediately, do we need a remake of such a loved film? type of questions started cropping up. But one thing that's in favor in this film is, Mohan Babu is in the exact age group of the film's protagonist Bhaskara. For those who closely observe, Mohan Babu has a similarly temperamental personality. He's the sort of: its my way or highway type of person.

Suraj Venjaramoodu who won the Kerala state award is half the age of the character. He's in his forties and Bhaskara Rao is well into seventies. Mohan Babu is an astute actor who can play any sort of role. It's not about his role we have to be worried about. He can pull it off. The question should be who'll play Subbu?

Despite the fact that Suraj Venjaramoodu hogging the limelight as the cantankerous old man, it is Soubin Shahir's Subbu aka Subrahmanyam which lent depth to the proceedings with his anonymous and understated performance. His histrionics are spot on and his emotions are intensely felt by the audience. He just blended into the narration without detracting the attention of the audience from the actual story.

Who in Tollywood is capable of such a feat? It's a walk on the razor edge. We better think of giving the mightily talented actor Soubin Shahir a Tollywood debut with this film. Then in combination with Mohan Babu, we can be expected of being served a sweet Android meal. I mean... a beautiful film that's a feast for the senses like the original. Check out our Android Kattappa review here.

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