Why the viral deleted scene from Master should not have been clipped!

Why the viral deleted scene from Master should not have been clipped!

9 Feb 21 @ 1:05 PM | By Divya Nair

A lot has been discussed about why sexual harassment takes place. While many argue that it is the attitude, perversion or the patriarchal mindset of the society that leads to harassment, many still opine that it is the victims (in most cases children and women) who are at fault. They say that women seduce men with their clothes or invite jeers or attention by choosing to take a stroll during odd hours. Well, everyone has a right to air their views according to their whims and fancies as long as the victim is not someone they love. Many films too glorified machoism and misogyny that society often are indifferent to the victim and not to the accused.

Well, back to Master. Vijay's Master is surging ahead even on Amazon Prime despite having a good footfall in theaters. The film showed Vijay in his mass best and the actor and director ensured that the thirst of his fans are quenched. He did put up a impressive show, no doubts. Any video or audio from the film begins to trend the moment it is released. Amazon Prime had released a deleted video clip from the film. It showed how two families are reaching on a consensus or rather a compromise to withdraw a harassment complaint. The faculty and the boy's parents opine that the girl was at fault for she invited 'advances' due to her dress.

Enter our 'Master' who pulls the girl from her classroom to let her narrate the events, the ordeal she faced on the day she was harassed. She says that she wore a sari, yet she was groped and touched inappropriately. Vijay then gives a sermon on the mindset of men who seem to to be so perverted that they have harassed women who were decently dressed ( including women in fully covered Purdah). The rapists were so sick-minded that they haven't even spared a baby in her diapers.

Well, though the scenes are a little cinematic, an actor of Vijay's stature, who has a fan-following comprising mostly of young men, saying that it is the perpetrators of crime who are at fault and not the victim, he does send a strong message to all. The deleted clip which was watched by around 7 M viewers should have made it to the film. It would have created the much-needed impact in a society that endorses toxic masculinity. It would have sent the message that victim blaming can never be the solution. Reminding once again about the widely circulated WhatsApp message about teaching sons to behave well and not preventing daughters from chasing their dreams!

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