Why Sushant, Why!

Why Sushant, Why!

15 Jun 20 @ 10:31 AM | By Divya Nair

We welcomed 2020 with great fanfare, but look at what we got in return. The corona pandemic affected our livelihoods as all the industries were under lockdown and the cash-rich film industry also reeled under severe stress. From closure of theaters to stopping of new releases, the industry reeled under severe stress. And then celebrities death happened - Irrfan Khan followed by Rishi Kapoor followed by Kannada actor Chiranjeevi Sarja.

But, Sushant Singh Rajput, killing himself was something we find it very very hard to swallow. The prima facie suggested death by hanging. Reports suggest that Sushant was under depression, something the industry, his friends and fans were unaware of. Facts reveal that Sushant was not under financial stress as he was paying a whopping amount as rent for his posh Bandra residence and made a huge monetary contribution towards Kerala flood relief funds. If on-field Dhoni impressed the men, the on-screen Dhoni, played by Sushant, made the women go weak in their knees. Ironically, Sushant's last role was that of a dad counselling his suicidal son in Chhichhore. The young actor's suicide makes us ponder over the struggle behind all the glitz and glamour. People who knew him close found him to be an energetic and happy soul. But we never knew that his infectious smile hid a pain beneath. The industry and the society must hold the collective responsibility for killing a young and promising talent.

You will be missed Sushant. Our hearts weep for you. May you find peace in a new world!

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