Why Orey Bujjiga Turned Out Such A Big Hit For The Reviews It Got

Why Orey Bujjiga Turned Out Such A Big Hit For The Reviews It Got

20 Jan 21 @ 2:17 PM | By GitacharYa

We were surprised when we’re posting the percentage based box office shares of three recent digital releases that hit the big screens after theatres reopened. While we expected Natural Star Nani’s landmark 25th film V to get decent to great collections to the tune of at least 50 lakhs, it hasn’t even approached the Rs. 20 lakhs mark. But Orey Bujjiga, which wasn’t even considered a film worthy of our free time (can watch it for free if we have Aha Video subscription) raked in just above Rs. 25 lakhs. 

People might say V the Film was watched many times and Orey Bujjiga which is generally ignored is now watched out of curiosity. But why would anyone watch a film which received overwhelmingly negative reviews in theatres, spending to and fro expenses - apart from theatrical ticket price - when they can lend the password from a friend for a couple of hours? Isn’t it a valid point to consider?

Means, the film was loved either by the target audience. Or in a surprising twist, it might have appealed to an entirely different section of the audience. The film was an OTT hit as we have posted a comprehensive analysis. Both for the makers and the streaming platform. And it was watched by some good 25k (estimated) audience in the theatres when it was released in the theatres. Raj Tarun is not a marketable hero as he used to be. Neither Malavika Nair nor Hebah Patel are in limelight. 

From what we observed, the audience receive anything that offers some good value for them. That value is uncomplicated easy entertainment in the case of Orey Bujjiga. If we keep our film critic expertly or logical minds in the Harry Potter sorting hat and watch the film with an open mind, we can easily enjoy the fun in the first half and the little bit of intrigue in the second half. Moreover, the audience who have been watching seriously serious films and thrillers that deal with social issues might have been fed up with such heavy subjects. 

Whatever the reason, it better be understood that serving too much of anything is not good. And the thing that has become scarce will be savored despite it being shunned as routine not too long ago. Just like India-Sri Lanka ODI series ;-) There is certainly place for old wine sort of films if packaged well and made with a bit of freshness. Doesn’t mean every time such films become successful. It is good that Raj Tarun seems to have learned his lesson. 

Deservingly, Orey Bujjiga isn’t bad at all, both the director Vijay Kumar Konda and Raj Tarun received multiple offers after this film. We have recently updated about Raj Tarun’s next film with Vijay Kumar Konda. A young hero who is in failures doesn’t give chance to a young director if he doesn’t have substance. Theek Hain?

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